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    This is my idea regarding a donator only "PVM dungeon" where donators (donators only) can go to fight various NPC's in the hopes of receiving a 'donator' item. Obviously, if this suggestion was added it would mean that Donator items that are now spawnable for donators would carry a value. This also means non-donators could use these items for their own use, however they would have to buy the items or PK them from another player. This would promote a more stream-lined and even playing field for new players that are joining the server, as they will not be constantly fighting players that are using vastly superior weapons whilst carrying no risk. Super donators could have the ability of teleporting to a 'super-donator dungeon' where items are dropped at a faster rate, or given the ability to spawn a Ring of Wealth (untradable and donator only) style item that increases drop rates from these NPCs in the dungeon. For the NPCs in the dungeon, I would suggest a NPC similar to those currently at the donator island. The NPC's should be powerful enough to damage the player but should still be easily soloable. Pros of the dungeon: More streamlined serverPromotes PVM/alternative activitiesPromotes high risk PKingIs a donator only teleport, therefore still gives distinct donator benefitsNon-donators can use the weapons, meaning there is not a huge donator bias in combat Cons of the dungeon: Means there are slightly less benefits of being a donator This is just an idea/suggestion so leave your feedback below regarding the idea and vote in the poll after reading the thread. Thanks
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    Jij bent een achterstands buurt bewoner
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    Hello fellow Players of Roat Pkz. Welcome to the new forums. The following new features have been added:- Automatic Donator Ranks - ranks given instantly (however can take up to 5 minutes)New Chat functionUse of IPB instead of SMFWe encourage you to move topics over that you'd like to keep since the old forums will be disabled in less than 90 days, and will be inaccessible If you have any suggestions or questions please post them below. NOTE: The forums seem to be running fairly slow, working on a solution atm. Thanks, Gretar
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    you can get forum followers now? deactivating my twitter to focus on my forum followers, get proper roat fame init
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    Ik gretar told me it's on the update list Add resizeable mode.. Client is too small to PK :c
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    hi idiot welcome to my server
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    You're acting like you can pk in general rofl..
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    Super donators can already use ::bank and you're right you can vote for 100 pk points so forget what i said.
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    I've been on this server since the very start of 2013 (January) and I can't get it because it has to be 2012. Upsetting because I hate having donator rank on forums and I was Veteran on old forums.
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    Wonderful idea man. I'd love to see this happen.
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    My killpic for round 1.. http://gyazo.com/76796f6d1343ba99fe3777519d2ac7f7 2-1 against Pedro all 3 fights were pretty close.
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    because i luv u bb <3
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    m8 Veteran on roat pkz is just being here for a long time. Simple. You're trying to be smarter than you are.
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    Right, because it takes Magic,Missiles and Melee off just not protect item.
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    I completely agree with suggestions here.
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    im ganna double post because this is too easy. Roat pkz was open in 2011. If you played in 2011 or 2012 you have almost the most experience possible on roat pkz. You're also contradicting yourself by saying playing since 201X isn't a lot of experience yet you want the req. to be shorter. EDIT: this system only works when you don't have butthurt kids
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    My name is Kevin and i am the most complete singles pker
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    Funny how you say that but deep inside you know i'm the best, anyway enjoy licking feet.
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