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    Warned for this thread, spam posts and autism will not be tolerated on this forums. You're not funny and either you're 14 years of age or you have legitimate mental issues.
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    Congratulations! you've advanced a silly jokes level. your silly jokes level is now 2.
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    While it has the same stats as a normal god cape, it should have 0 req. But if it is improved then it should require 99s
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    ofc it should require stats lol.
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    When they use x10 hits you know not to take them seriously
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    He died to ags g maul. Not exactly a lot of skill required....
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    Easy https://gyazo.com/ef9ff5ed0c59b84083144af0a610843d
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    Not even a slap video, the actual clips themselves have many embarrassing parts LOL. These are just *some* of the near deaths from this suicider also I was on spy network in this vid the bird covering my name is a joke
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    Name: king of bs Title: master Proof: http://prntscr.com/dv7iqc
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    sec, lemme rig this shit in paint
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    Agreed with Yoobs on the point that the capes are purely cosmetic versions of existing items, therefore the req. should be the same as those items: God capes (magic ones) require 60 magic therefore this should be the req. for God max cape Fire max cape should have no req. at all because even on RS there's like level 30s getting Fire cape However, I think what Gretar is asking about is the Max cape itself For this item, since it has the exact same stats as ANY skill cape, I think the req. should be that you have at least 1 level 99 skill to equip it, doesn't matter which 99. It's very rare that anybody doesn't have a 99 though (even pures) so I don't think it's going to be a problem. IDK it would just look odd if someone walks around as level 3 combat in a Max cape, don't you?
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    The amount of times he couldve died omfg
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    ? 1. I'm obviously not a lavish member but great story about them 10/10 really got invested in it 2. u were saying?
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    LMFAO this dude is actually so bad the fuck dumb suicider
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    Pretty sure an armless Chernobyl victim could pull off an ags + gmaul kill.
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    3rd arabic with purple weeny
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    Dear Players, The following updates have occurred today: OSRS Right Click Menu has been added. Mage Arena has been added, you can now kill Battle Mages for Mage Arena Points Mage arena points can be exchanged at Kolodion for the following: Kodai Wand - 1,000 points. Max capes: Guthix max cape - 500 points Saradomin max cape - 500 points Zamorak max cape - 500 points Jad has had the following item added to his drop table: Fire max cape Magic has had it's accuracy changed to the OSRS Formula (both accuracy and defence) Broadcast messages for Tournaments and Wilderness bosses have been updated. Battle Mages have the following drop table: Common Mage's book Master wand Seer's ring (i) Spirit shield Blessed spirit shield Super combat potions from 1 dose to 4. Extremely Rare: Toxic staff of the Dead Occult Necklace Thank's, Gretar & Affliction.
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    congratulations, you have killed your boss. hm is it now? 20-1 to iyas?
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    I (and i'm sure many others) feel that the WWE soundtrack should be played at the end of each tournament to commemorate the winner of the tournament. As you all know, WWE is a sport that represents respeck, John Cena, and the RKO. For most people, these are all things we pray to on a daily basis. I know @Yoobs supports this. Here is a sample of the sound track: Stay thirsty, my friends.
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    easy for king bind
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