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    Dear Players, So I know it seems like the server hasn't been getting that many updates since I've joined, and whilst this list should be bigger, unfortunately I don't remember everything I've done, so this is everything I've had logged since this morning, all with the exception of the changes to PID should be launched relatively soon, now before people ask why the PID change isn't happening ASAP, please understand that how PID was working previously, it was just who's number is smaller than the others, now this is somewhat true to the new change, that number will be changing on a random interval we're not going to be releasing, with a change like this it can cause some major issues, so it will need play testing thoroughly by staff members, a good example would be immediately after this, although the my local server seemed fine, when PID switched in combat, both players would hit 3 times, why? because things such as that happen when you make changes to the core of the game, now without further ado, here's the list from today: Infinity boots have been fixed for female characters A message is now sent went drinking Sanfew serum or any other anti-poison stating how long you're immune to poison. Doses are now sent as a message to your chatbox after drinking a dose of potion The interfaces at places such as ::brid, ::taco etc etc have been updated to use the OSRS Interfaces; Old: New: Changing your clan chat colour will no longer change your PM Colour due to complaints 3rd Age Bow can now fire Dragon Arrows Players who have been inactive for longer than 5 minutes will stop following a player, if they were previously following a player. The Dark bow has recieved a buff to it's special attack, it kicks ass in void, but doesn't hit constant 8's when you're not wearing it! Occult amulet (or) has been added to both Client & Server, the occult necklace (or) cannot be sold to a any shop for currency, due to it being an item drop from battle-mages Kodai Wand has been fixed to add 15% damage bonus PID System has been updated to shuffle players, meaning PID is now randomised. There has also been a few more updates that are either not being released yet (but are done) or I simply can't remember them, the main thing that's stopping me from progressing is the client, I've had 7-10 people turn their nose away from the client, and their more knowledgeable with clients then I am, with that said we've bumped up the price we're paying, so hopefully the client will get the lick of life it needs. Everything (apart from PID) is ready to go into the live game, whether we apply these updates before or after checking the new PID system is beyond me. Countless other systems have been implemented (for the better) however they also need proofing as they're big changes, and we need to ensure no random crashes are caused with them, or any weird bugs! P.S Yes we're aware of the Battle Mage (Guthix) not giving points, it's been fixed but we did that yesterday the patch is waiting to applied to the live game, we're also aware of the issue with the kodai wand maxing 38 not 39, that has also been patched as stated above. P.S.S If you want to report bugs to me directly, forum PM's is your best bet rather than saying them over yell or PM'ing me ingame Thank's, Gretar & Affliction
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    Remove spawnable rocktails Remove easter eggs (they are retarded) Add a deep wildy fishing spot where people can fish for rocktails (have a NPC to note rocktails and very fast catching rate) i suggest having the fishing spot on the outside edge of the lava surrounding the ardy lever. Pros - Promotes more deep wilderness activity Risk/reward scenario for people to make GP More people at MB the better Possibly you could add a donator spot that is not in the wilderness with a lower catch/min rate Cons - Annoying to get rocktails unless you're rich Is basically skilling
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    U did more in 2 weeks then the old developer in 3 years
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    how about i like free food and u can make ur idea with dark crabs .... if u make rocktails spawn i'll charge back all my donations ...fuck off remove eggs? and rocktails not spawn? ok kid gl on perm rag i'll rag 15 hours straight till u log out everytime u log in rag and lastly hang urself its a spawn server crack head we have mage arena no extra kids wanna go make 1pkp ea rocktail fk are u retarded or what like what paki country are you from ? same as my profile pic? bagdad or however u spell it? idk but read the shit top left of forums screen #1 SPAWN SERVER NOT NON SPAWN U MONGOL S P A W N
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    @twitt No. Keeping pid allows pid whores to camp a pid all day, giving them a huge advantage in staking, which is really meant to be a game of even odds. Naming no names but I think we can all name a couple of people this will affect. Glad to see such progression in my favourite server. P.S- if you see this thread john please feel free to delete Twitt's comment alongside my quote as its spam. Just tried to get my message across
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    Good shit, pathing and broken tiles next on the list pls
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    If you carry on spamming threads about your jailtime and spamming appeals not only will i A) Ban you from the forums B) I'll leave that account in jail permanently.
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    Hey like most of u know my main account"Blue dragon" is jailed for "ragging". Well "In the dirt" got banned for the SAME reason although he gets unbanned after 2 days while im still jailed for a month.
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    S/o to the 1s who act like theyre haters but love learning from me My newest pking tutorial:
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