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    Grab some popcorn, Turn on 1080HD and relax cause this is the exposure of koolokeast. koolokast caught lacking @ edge: Also some Buffalo whales: loot: lil edge guy got so tired that he decided 2 go to edge, though luck. very easy loot: dont usually include edgepvp kills but holy fuck this nigga died to a 1 im so done: their bitch ass tber lmfao: more whales: #SG Leader & Narnia founder D I Z Z I E: New O2B Clan: STATUS: DOMINATING
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    2nd clip is abit buggy, its like a effect has been added but its not, it shouldnt bother anyone tho. My fucking bro i won him with 2 hp left @Hiders
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    gretar mentioned in a update topic that the dance attack style was fixed but its not: roatpkz example: how it should be & is on osrs + other major rsps:
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    Not sure who "shitspy" is or why he thinks he's relevant, but great thread with lots of juicy loots. Good work renegades.
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    Ah, yes! The video was to showcase us not getting a kill! It certainly was not to portray the truth that you guys talk, and do A LOT of it on the forums and ingame, and this is what we are forced to deal with. I decided to 'check 44s' at ~45 after the hour (no jad forthcoming) and randomly finally find you guys pking? What is your response when fighting 2v4 all in max? Retreating and banking for tank in under 1 minute "with ts leak o wait"? What are you saying? Your lack of wit shrouded by your sarcasm is only comparable to those of your contemporary 2014 pkers.. Not enough life or pking xp (16 year old/virgins for life-raggers, computer geeks, so on) pretty much your entire existence goes hand in hand
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    Very trash, Please delete your channel and forums account and don't ever come back pls n ty. - Sincerely Matt.
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    Easy as fuck for eggs (don't pipe to him)
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    Reposted for Beta client I would like to see the OSRS switches made as the default for switching and made more responsive where you'll be able to tick a string of queued items quicker. My reasoning behind this as of now the OSRS switches on ROAT PKZ don't reflect (Old School Runescape) because switching has always been queued on Runescape and never "Instant Switches" as the "ROAT" switches suggests this is wrong. 1# - 2 Switching modes Having two item switch modes makes absolutely no sense at all, for one it puts said person at a disadvantage which is unfair as the "ROAT" is each Individual Item when pressed (Clicked) is equipped thus giving equipped equipment bonuses without actually updating any visual signs of Armour change which in hybridding for instance is a big factor. Roat Pkz item switching mode Roat Pkz switching bypasses game ticks that are 0.6 and makes it 0.0 with no queued delay As you can see in the pictures this is one of the many problems that are incorrect and need urgent fixing. How can you switch to tank armour/mage armour on [ROAT] switches being so instant that you'll still get damaged on your supposedly visual Tank armour it's so broken and this should be replaced with revamped OSRS switches and made default as I mentioned before. The game itself Runescape is designed to be at 0.6ms with queuing http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Game_tick because things start to fall apart and become broken most RSPS don't follow this a modify core things like this which is VITAL for a "PKING BASED SERVER" with the ROAT switches being at 0.0ms this is why Item switching should never be under 0.6ms. Other factors beside the actual game can even make Item switching worse having bad Internet connection & low ping are two things which will severely cripple you because you'll be susceptible to latency and lag which matter but is an issue that can be fixed. Remove the Roat Pkz switching & Replace with OSRS switching and improve the responsiveness. @Gretar ----- Continuing from post before - 07/4/2017 @Gretar 2# - Switching Tests [OSRS] ITEM SWITCHING MODE The click is set at 0.6ms to simulate test conditions for accurate measure. The switching mode has a queuing delay and the gear appropriately change when a click packet has been registered through the Roatz PK client and sent to the server, This updates the equipment visually on the character as well as the equipment bonuses on the equipment tab, everything is in sync. Normal speed GIF: This is why the Item switching mode should be set at 0.6ms with a quicker queuing sequence and OSRS switching as default switching and revamped accordingly as I previously mentioned before. The switching is not really responsive and doesn't allow quick input per click, notice in the video below I do a 6 way horizontal (top to bottom) then I proceed to switch back with another 6 way and doesn't register my items. The switching is not really responsive and doesn't allow quick input per click, notice in the video below I do a 8 way horizontal (top to bottom) then I proceed to switch back with another 8 way and doesn't register my items causing items not to be equipped in time first 8 way boots didn't equip. The second 8 way did not register my item clicks not equipping the leg switch, the boots was from the first 8 way as it was done subconsciously I would of completed both 8 way switch without a problem. The switching is not really responsive and doesn't allow quick input per click, notice in the video below I do a 6 equipment switch+ Helm and boot removal (8way) horizontal (top to bottom) then I proceed to switch back with another 6 way and doesn't register my items causing items not to be equipped in time first 6 way occult necklace didn't equip so it messed up my flow of switching making me re-adjust mid game tick to switch back to magic armour, if i completed the melee switch firecape + serp I would has been too late. This is why Osrs switching should be fixed because it is far too buggy. [ROAT] ITEM SWITCHING MODE The click is set at 0.6ms to simulate test conditions for accurate measure. This Item switching mode has no queuing when items are pressed(Clicked) the items are equipped and equipment bonuses update too quickly without actually updating any visual signs of Armour change. As you see in the video the items, equipment bonuses and inventory item switching is not in-sync. (Items are out of sync when clicked and this is currently what "ROAT PKZ SWITCHING" does completely false way for switching. Normal speed GIF: Speed 0.25x (slower) GIF: In the slower video gif you will see the items equip so fast that anywhere from (5-9 armour changes per second!!!!!) occur and they don't update visually this is broken, as people currently do most unrealistic and unnecessary fakes thinking they're switching so fast when the game is just broke all they are doing is in reality are bypassing the standard game ticking. Now pair this with attack speed of a weapon they're able to continue doing damage whilst instantly switching, eating, pot drinking all together and relying on RNG DAMAGE on top of that!!!. This is broken mechanic and messes with the universal game tick of actions that run at 0.6ms this is because of the switching mode is at 0.0ms and has no delay or queuing when clicked, giving the illusion of "INSTANT SWITCHES" as @Gretar and many other people think this is the best way of switching when in reality it is very far from the truth It is broken and should be fixed. 3# - One Ticking Just to touch on one ticking switches which you can't do on current ROAT PKZ 317. If you equip a string of items in the required game tick Universal Actions + Item switching = Timeframe (UA) 0.6ms + (IS) 0.6ms = (TF) 1.2 seconds So if I one tick a 6 way switch for instance videos for reference these aren't mine these are very good examples. Higher Revision (Pre Eoc) 718/735 etc Older Revison (07 Old school) 459, 474 etc In the time frame of 1.2 seconds give or take the variable can change to less being dependant on several factors Latency, Internet connection and Ping also the game being a lower revision or higher revision you may get a quicker equip or longer equip for a one tick. Conclusion Remove [ROAT] ITEM SWITCHING MODE replace with a revamped OSRS SWITCHING as I've previously mentioned time and time again. This is needed. Video footage of using OSRS Switching on Roat Pkz If any thing is broken ill fix the thread again. Video Follow up - 18/05/2017 Using OSRS switching
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    stop posting ur weight
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    44s is a dead pking zone for a reason. Although the rest of the server has it's fault, your above mentioned glitch is the reason why no one pks there. The server is getting a reconstruction but until it's done, there's 2 other pk zones you can find people at that you don't utilize. Trying to act like you don't pk because there's glitches everywhere is not an effective excuse. Pk at easts? It's the same (concept, I'm aware level 1 is broken) as on Runescape minus the dragons being removed. The dig was hardly personal. I just mentioned how you act on the internet and how there couldn't possibly be any other explanation with how you interact with the outside world. As for Smokey, I'd say it's pretty shocking you're flaming him. He started hybridding as someone who wanted to get better and pk actively. The mindset of better hybrids/pkers. Meanwhlie, you have people like yourself and your group/team (?) who try to act as if they are above anyone but have no desire to pk. Anyone who has pked for a decent amount of time knows that if you're any decent you only want to pk. You are either an nher like backbone and you feel threatened by the fact his cb build is dying or you're a multi pker jealous that you have never been able/nor will ever be able to achieve anything in single Yeah man haha! Doxing people and posting their videos on the forums and flaming them = baited! I welcome you here because I enjoy making you look stupid especially ingame (less time for you to think and you get reduced to sarcasm in a minute lmfao). You are nothing more than a wannabe who I enjoy exposing for the fraud you are more than pking tbh Wow you really gave P O guy a response? You're generous af to the fans lol
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    :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: im so done these kids are shit as fuck
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    I'll continue to bump it. I haven't heard a good enough response from @Salad @Gretar about when this issue regarding fixing it. His response was: He may of browsed the thread however I was looking for a more informative response and not about food. @Salad @Gretar When this is patched?
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    i love suor have my kids @P o Yesterday night
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    Pretty terrible editing, absolutely horrendous song. But you're a good pker.
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    gratz u can 15% against chef hat pkers
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    Here are a few updates I've done recently on the server. New NPC Updating, based off the new player updating, very efficient. Blowpipe and ballista both added and work very well (w darts/javelins) (accumalator also working). New empty command, warns you if you're about to empty PKP. New Telegrab added, works just as before but has correct speed and you can only throw 1 at a time. All Zulrah items working perfectly (adding scales, dismantling, unchraging, restoring) and losing scales when attacking / getting hit. All poison arrows / weapons work with correct poison damage amount. There are still a few bugs left with client but everything seems to be on a good pace. Ballista - (https://gyazo.com/91404c66429198c4b18af0c3f9e470ff) Blowpipe - (https://gyazo.com/d2c8611147f972bbff3a03d82a419a35) Almost perfect hit delays (hit appears once bolt reaches player - (https://gyazo.com/80c2c3e93a49d3dd37886fbf211c350e)
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    Can you tell me what you use to record+render settings
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    Give me your render settings please?
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    Nice video bro respect for using osrs switching its not even strung its just delayed roat switching lmao
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    nyzic carried nice vid guys nvm just finished watching hold this dislike 4 pking with spartans
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    Cool doesn't change the fact your still super toxic
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    And here is where Dario replaces you
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    dam thats wild gl bro
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