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    Firstly I'd like to apologize to all of you. I gave you guys dates on when the client would be released but nothing came. I did this several times that it honestly became a joke after a while. Over the past two months me and @Gretar have been working non stop on bringing you the best update in RoatPkz existence. I'd like to announce that we have finally achieved that goal. I'd like to tell you why we took so long... Issues: -My hard drive failing and having to start with an earlier version of the updated client -Fixing bugs -Perfecting textures because gretar wanted tables to look the same as osrs -Perfecting lighting details because gretar wanted all walls to look super smooth and like osrs -Packet updating -Reworking the UID system -Re adding customs to make the donator kiddies happy -Re adding all custom placed objects because they were no longer handled client sided.(to improve pathing) -Perfecting zooming -Perfecting resizable -Making sure shitty computers could run our client with no lag -Mac and Linux compatibility -Reworking combat -Fixing icons and titles -Fixing minimap icons I hope you guys understand why we took so long. We are pushing for a beta this week, so stay tuned for an update about that.
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    thought id post it 2 this forum aswell since i posted it 2 every other ;/
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    I have a suggestion that would keep pking more active and more enjoyable What if you get extra pkp from players with a killstreak? For example if kill someone with a killstreak of 25 players I would get 175 pkp etc. Idk how much pkp you should recieve but I think you understand what I mean You could also add so it says in yell which killstreak people have. Like if I kill a player it would say in yell "Smoothie has killed Gretar with a killstreak of 14 players. Kill him to recieve 76 pkp". What do you guys think?
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    After pking for several hours against renegades, they kept getting lucky teleporting out on 30hp and managing to log when they get fulled on 2 brews. Today Their luck vanished, and so did the leader of renegades fall on his knees. The trashtalker "smokey" went to flame on forums when they kill a pvmer and getting hyped about it. And everyone they kill, claim that it's a g unit member. Well smokey has a good saying for this : "chat shit get banged" I present u guys the closure of Renegades, even their co-leader wanted to sell audio for some peekaypees, because he's a pixelhungry cunt. I hope to see more competition , and actually competition that can compete are comming our way, when the new client is released. PS: We saw some weird pet running in wilderness and we managed to see how to fuck that thing but when we done glven got mad and said ty for fucking my pet smokey
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    Look at ur name"dragonboyson"in 2k17 hahaha r u fr? Paki frim israel good one dumbfuck
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    ???? don't come on forums saying weird shit like that you battyboy. legitimate freak
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    Literally no-one cares about your concerns because you're honestly a fucking moron so go kys
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    Don't know why we have to be exact copies of other RSPS's, if that is what you prefer go play those RSPS's, been polled and didn't pass therefore they stay spawnable. Though Godswords should all be worth PKP regardless, furies, dragon boots and whips aren't some insane op items so it doesn't hurt the game that much.
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    Wish vesta, statius, morrigans, zuriel's just gets removed from the game entirely lol.
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    i got problems D: http://prntscr.com/fr6igj pets http://prntscr.com/fr6hrr
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    ::Screenshot clueless paki lmfao ur from israel DO NOT try talking up to me
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    I'm only doing what I was told to do by Gretar. If it were up to me, i'd already release the client
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    http://prntscr.com/fra56l http://prntscr.com/fra5ek http://prntscr.com/fra5j8 http://prntscr.com/fra66s http://prntscr.com/fra6bg http://prntscr.com/fra6gp http://prntscr.com/fra6kv http://prntscr.com/fra6oy speak up lol weirdos "PS: We saw some weird pet running in wilderness and we managed to see how to fuck that thing but when we done glven got mad and said ty for fucking my pet smokey" WHAT??? L0R0F0RLF0LRF0LR0LF0RLF0LRF0LR0LF0LRF FOREIGN FUCK
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    Shut up kanker homo,we was off to let u make some bank for us cas we are too lazy. Go help smokey to find a good name for his new baby cas he got pregnant by 7 guys(we combined our cums and put it in his ass). #gunit
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    stfu lil pussy chat shit get banged
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    So.. players complain when we don't keep them up to date on what's being worked on, and when we do there's also complaints?
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    clrd from multi by jtir he now has 1m from staking ur set
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    Water cape is a sick item, even though it's custom it fits into the old RS ethos well IMO. And I'm not going to act like you pretentious cunts who refuse to use a perfectly good B-I-S item. Unlike you, I don't PK on RS, I don't come here to practise for it, I don't care about or notice every little damn thing that isn't like RS. I play to enjoy what is offered as is. Sure I suggest stuff occasionally, but I don't continuously moan over stupid shit and act like an unappreciative, self-entitled asshole who get's to play this for FREE but still demands more whilst calling this game a joke server. Even with things the way they are you won't quit so stop acting like you're anything special. Just another shit PK'er. Whose bright idea was it to make crystal shields, fury, boot, whips, godswords etc spawnable ? All of those items have a superior non-spawnable version BTW.
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    You need help irl fucking retard jesus hang yourself already
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    Imagine trying to track down a roatpkz player irl
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    Pis of we like it lol
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    Sometimes staff can't reply instantly coz they are playing the game themselves. Ik this doesn't cover all of this (such as staff not indicating they are afk) but take into consideration that sometimes they can be pk'ing and can't reply at that time.
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    Why are you tagging the client slave ??
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    Fucking catch me in singles and ill deck the lot of you
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    He could use a better name than fancy boots to get attention But fr you guys need to stop acting like you run the mexican cartel, it's getting cringe now
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    Cringe af. Stop begging for attention and using my name. Hide on more alts, delete more Discord messages and keep using these Emojis and empty ass threats so everyone believes you're capable of peppering man. It's actually disgusting to read.
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    Booooo go back to Fagex and their perfekt game, or better yet make your own RSPS. And I will join when you reach 200+ with 100% flawless combat. GL!
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    Mistakes happen, learn from it and move on.
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    Dude had to wait 10+ minutes for help 1 time, when he didn't even need help and "was testing" and made a thread about it... Mate, it's a game. At the end of the day, it's only a game that people are playing to have fun. If the staff want to play to have fun for a little bit instead of helping during their entirety of being logged on, who cares? At the end of the day, 10mins and you made multiple paragraphs taking it out context and crying about it. Dafuq lol.
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    @Gretar @Salad @Smackd the killstreak showing on yell every 5 kills and when u kill sum1 for 25+ ks shows on yell told u smackd this ages ago
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    Lmao idek you m8 why are you snapping at me wth.
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    disable smite for F2P tournaments.
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    Yeeeeeeeah dude slow your roll, we've had those spawnable since roatz opened, I'd legit rather not work for everything keep some shit easy to attain hence what is known as the allure of roatpkz. How would you expect new players to compete if said above wasn't spawnable? might as well call it first come first serve pkz. There are a legit a lot of pking servers with said items for pkp or other forms of currency, not to mention better pking combat that are doing much worse than roatpkz. (Also you double posted the same thread).
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    Client is pretty much at the end point.
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    Bricklayer would break Tupacs face irl
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  37. 1 point
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    Tommyp/Pekky/Gied4life/Bully Z7 and at last Ahmash!
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    @Dr4g0nb0ys0n @HICK0RY @Craig @spy network @ban152
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    1). Ags is too good to be spawn 2). Already numerous money making methods, some are risky others aren't, voting, staking, risking, PK'ing, participating in tournaments 3). Gorillas and donator zone drops pretty frequenly
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