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    Before I start its all fun n games no beef intended. SPARTANS I was solo pking the other day just north of graves when I got tb'ed by some Spartans in max. The events proceeded like this Loot: (and yes I escaped with the loot) This kill resulted in them saying the guy wasn't in their clan yet this account posted a topic the day before with pictures in their clan chat? ... Moving on... G-UNIT A short one at ::Easts Loot: And when I got informed that there was 1 of them at ::meth, OTHER BITS N BOBS I have also had my fair share of unfortunate hits leading to close calls spartan member: Spartan member "Santan Arun" in max set And Spartan leader tanking the gmaul for his max set THE END
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    got more 20000 pics a7es dragon bones give me power see guys?
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    It's my birthday and I'd like to thank everyone who made this game enjoyable the past 5 years I've been around. I'm going 2 have a good 1, and I hope you guys do too!
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    A while back Saradomin Sword was double spec and I loved pking with it... My suggestion is that it be brought back to its two spec version but also put into the pkp shop for the same as an ags 5k pkp. Killbob said he backed the idea and will hopefully show his support on this post, it's a great weapon and I think it would make a great addition to the game giving it this upgrade, but by putting it in pkp shop would stop being just being stupid with it and also help economy as another good item to buy and sell, also new members would be impressed by the weapons abilities. Thanks for reading
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    lol happy birthday bitch
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    i like it brother, good idea but i still think we should wait for the major updates to be released first, im sure you agree but yeah this should be taken into account and be looked at later on.
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    Would be nice to see it used again, Support
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    tbh i would've never thought albert would be the one to clean the eco gj tho this actually benefits the server
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    Missclicked and voted for @Smackd but i mean to vote for @Killbob
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    will be fixed in new client
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    zzz why u bringing up old kills (which relied on a dc on a mage arena kit) if we doing that I can reply with JDRC01 falling to a dbolt in a crashed run in LMFAO
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    Big day for the boy gorillas nice one dude
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    Lmfao suor has 3 votes just delete this
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    Wow good job you've done something for once
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