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    stop recording your clips in 15 fps and -500000 bitrate tryna look fast weird guys. Did not ask (btw)
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    WTF Come back buddy
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    Thought this was gonna be about you coming out the closet
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    jheez smackd coming through with banter
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    shorttyy or w.e his downie name is has always been a shitter, hybrids the dummy for 5 hours calls you to exiled (lol) then logs
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    "so slow" u never could keep up with me boi
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    First ever try on a cartoon in Photoshop, HMU if u want one, practice material
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    IMPORTANT WARNING! There's been a fake Roatpkz link posted in the Roat Discord, I'm going to be posting it here but DO NOT CLICK IT, It is being used as a link for Phising and as a result players are being hacked. That is NOT a link to the server, again i repeat DO NOT CLICK IT. Gretar is looking into this matter and hopefully it'll be resolved soon. Thank you for your time. @Gretar @JBLIND @Ban152 @Smackd @Fantastic
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    Mr Steal Your Girl has more pressing issues
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    smackd will never quit this is the place he has the most power :3 yoobs didn't get a choice lmao still love smackd tho even though he kills me ever tim
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    Thought it was ur quitting thread tbh
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    Most of us can agree there's way to many YouTubers ingame right now. The rank should be deserved, not be given to random people who make 2 staking video's and don't put effort in their videos. Over 50% of the YouTubers you see ingame right now are people who we've never heard of, or seen a video from. These people should be role models for the average Roat Players(behavior and maybe even pking wise). Many YouTubers are very toxic too. Also the rank gives a sort of ''trusted'' image which shouldnt be the case. Making the rank harder to obtain will fight this too. Earlier today I seen 2 YouTubers begging for items on yell. There reasoning was ''got cleaned & need items to make content and rb''. Please give the YouTuber rank to the people that actually deserve it, support the server and have been loyal for a long time. Having this many bad YouTubers is just bad advertisement. ''Option 1. You have a small YouTube channel or are just starting out- You must've uploaded at least 2-4 (depending on quality) Roat Pkz videos in the past month. '' Increase this to atleast 5 and maybe actually look if the content is worthy Looking forward to hear more ideas, Khalil
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    I feel like you made this cause of arun lmfao
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    I don’t have a father, I created myself along with the rest of the world. I have many names but most know me by god, Big head.
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    go take a Pepsi bath u weird guy
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    bec im turkish doesnt mean im brown? dumb fuck ty for ur set btw was ez ngl
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    This brown lispy fucktard is really calling other people 4ners. LMFAO
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    Personally as a youtuber who makes mediocre vids, I agree with your idea on reforming the rules for getting a YouTube rank. I believe it should go like this User MUST have at least 3 videos dedicated to Roat Pkz that are longer than 3 minutes each, and they should have a good quality. User needs to have good content and not JUST staking videos, must have at least more than half the video that isn't unedited staking clips. User should be able to upload at least 2 videos per month that are 3 minutes each, or one video that is 7 minutes long.
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    @I d0wn U @rahimbo @Umut @Aqeelxo
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    @Hiders U always been dreaming about getting a cartoon of yourself
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    I will just ddos them bro dw I ride 4 my roat family
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    Thank you for making this thread mate @I d0wn U Just letting everyone know; The person behind the phishing link has been dealt with accordingly. Hopefully no one ever falls victim to something like this again..
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