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    Tried to focus mainly on switching in the vid, drop a like/comment if you enjoyed <3
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    zzzzz edit:cleaned for 300m+ hence the 'bank video'
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    Here is my second stake video, not too big stakes tho. Keep following because the third video will be 300k+
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    You have no life or friends and suffer from severe depression and I hope you die.
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    It OK bro OT: Good video once again! Very enjoyable
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    I AM ON JJS ACCOUNT LMFAO AND ON ALL KILLPICS U CAN SEE ITEMS ON BOTTOM btw i recorded it once i get enuff clips its getting uploaded lets
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    I haven’t fought you in months weirdo, I’m still gonna brid on osrs once my accounts done so I have no idea what you are talking about
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    LOOOOOL just seen ur sig respect
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