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    He chargebacked his donation to become staff memeber and got mac banned
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    You Could add An NPC to talk to and trade the Fire Max Capes for a chance gamble for Jad pet. the chances are going to have to be really rare, because the amount of people who have Fire Max Capes.
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    I find it quite absurd the way of obtaining an infernal cape goes by. Its either 500 vote tickets which is around 140k pkp, or by mystery boxes which is probably 1 in a million chance... For us casual players who just sit down to have fun pking and do not want to interfere with any staking or risk fighting its unreachable. Yes I do agree its best in slot cape for melee, but thats just melee.. range/mage have their own bis items aswell which are much easier to obtain. Would be lovely to see some of Inferno minigame added so we could try and get our hands on one. I am not asking for full inferno including all waves, since its a semi spawn pk server its acceptable to have a start of wave 59 till the final boss wave, thus meaning the last 10 waves. Keeps it challengeing and not handing out free capes this way.
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    Be cool to gamble inferno for the inferno boss pet 1\3 chance or something
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    I think Fire Max capes would be better. With Fire capes you can basically buy yourself to a pet which kind of takes away the point of grinding for Boss pets.
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    You need to learn to cut your clips. The start you misspelled your refer code twice? Just cut it out. One kill on a pvm kid with your multi bot mates. You then show a full length nh fight vs someone in complete welf vs your semi max setup and you actually got worked. He only run coz you brang loads of brews and your gear difference. You melee fight after you should've died twice even tho you was in max str vs his welf. Only good thing about the vid is the giveaway, sad to say.
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    Thats why I said no matter what the order is that u eat the brew/karam. They are interchangable, I never stated that the normal food was interchangable like u are suggesting here, so obviously its implied that wouldn’t work
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    You wanna watch yourself before you step to my boy Tupac before we send Erca
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