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    So fucking sick and tired of getting killed just seconds before jad or skotizo die, and I cant get back to get my fucking loot 1. It spawns for other people too damn quickly, for example die at Jad by lava dragons and jad dies, you gata fucking leg it, most of time clan that killed you camps outside. 2. You should fix it so even though jad/skotizo die, the teleport option for the mage will bring you back to said monsters previous fucking location. -- Bug, I should have made it back to get my fucking loot from Jad because 1. I reduced my combat stats to 1, and went 44's started running back to lava drags, and they killed me? Then I check my attack style page and holy fuck im still level 126? Even after resetting my stats back to level 1? Fucking Joke gretar fix ur shit. Swear to god you just chuck updates ingame and then just let players get fucked over due to bugs n shit or to a poorly designed system to get shit fixed then act like your player(s) didint get fucked over because of you. God damn disgrace.
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    You've never passed level 4 you don't know what it's like out here in the trenches
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    @Yoobs da king I know how you feel brother, it's cost me prayer scrolls and shit before as well. However I have never encountered the bug as to where it affects you combat level even after switching the levels. The way I have around that though is I have a designated pre-set named "escape artist" that will lower me to the combat needed with my tank inventory setup. My other input to this is the fact that there should be a longer spawn rate for other players to receive someone else's loot no matter which NPC it is, there's no reason why it shouldn't at least be fair for a single player to get their loot that they managed to snipe from teams. The other side to this is the fact that the combat requirement to kill Jad and Skotizo should have never been introduced. It allowed for single players usually newer guys to come into the game and have a chance to snipe kills by lowering their combat to evade teams. It then forces teams to work harder at securing kills and will make it so only the most organized teams will be successful. @Gretar ^ Please be easy on Gretar though man, as stated above there are oversights to everything in any game no matter the situation. If you were around when I found the ruby bolt glitch where I was able to hit 5000 xp on jad in one hit you'll understand that there are always oversights because those were never intended to hit that high, but due to the fact of Gretar changing Jad's HP to much more than the live game it caused the huge over sight in the hit that the rubies were capable of.
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    Hello fan sry we dont all have time tobplay this game 10 hours a day and i understand youre jealous that i can make a video of 30 mins of pking instead of 7 days to play 10 hours would you please stop commenting and watxhing my video 3 times
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    fuck the selverrrrrrr claned lost 450k bank me
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