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    He give back doenst count Wallahi I had foughtsomeone at edgepvp and didnt realise i was barely out of food. Then wahey came out of nowhere tbed me (out of food) entangled me and then specced me out for a 121 ags gmaul doesntrlly count if u ask me broken edgepvp mechanics Hopfully u got some confidence to fight me in max now
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    Save your flaming towards Staff for January’s Staff feedback mates! Right around the corner.
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    was out so i started to run and then he tries to tell me he slapped me up then dies to d bolt l0l. c u idiot
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    naw lmao some1 donate me claws tho plz
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    Not enough forum characters to put everyone better...
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    this wasnt directed torwards @JBLIND. it was just a generic comment. and even if jblind didnt have feelings, the players he called a "retard", "spastic" and tell to "killl yourself", do. so its not directed toward to jblind.
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    Hmmm best pker @pkmafia8 has been taken down? Waheyy new best??
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    its easy. dont have feelings... youre an admin. not having feelings should be a requirement
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    im sorry... if it was ANY other admin, still wouldve pipeup. dont take it personally
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    its crazy if those playtime counts are real. @jblind 's is at 77 hours and hes still a shit admin... no hate just A LOT of hate fam
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    i thought being a ss means no gambling??? wtf i been scammed
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