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    Roat Pkz Updates! Hey friends, here's another one! A great update (as always) with a few new items and a few neat features people have been requesting, we're working on some exciting things as well! Scythe of Vitur The Scythe of Vitur has been added in-game! It's a very unique and a great weapon. The scythe can hit up to three enemies once in a 1x3 arc in front of the player. Each hit can also hit large creatures (a target that takes up two or more game squares) up to three times in the same attack. The first hit deals 100% damage, the second deals 50% and the third deals 25%. The Scythe of Vitur can be found in the Donator Point shop for 20,000 Donator Points or via Extreme Boxes. The Scythe in action! Magic Cape Spellbook Effect The Magic Skillcape can now be used to change your magic spellbook (Modern, Ancients & Lunar). You must have 25,000 Magic Damage in PvP to use the feature! You have 5 - 8 spellbook changes per day, based on your Donator Rank. Morrigans Javelin Morrigans Javelin have been added to the Revenant Monsters Drop Tables (::droptable). The estimated price on them is 100 Pk Points (ea). The Special Attack The Morrigan's javelin has a special attack, Phantom Strike, that consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy and applies a damage over time effect to the opponent after the special attack is performed. Every 3 ticks (1.8 seconds) after the special attack is performed, the opponent will take an additional 5 hitpoints of damage until the same damage dealt by the special attack has been delivered. The Special Attack in action! Morrigans Throwing Axes Morrigans Throwing Axes have been added to the Revenant Monsters Drop Tables (::droptable). The estimated price on them is 100 Pk Points (ea). The Special Attack The Morrigan's throwing axe has a special attack, Hamstring, that consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy and deals up to 120% of the user's max hit. Against players, it will also increase the rate in which the target's run energy is drained by sixfold. Dwarven rock cake The Dwarven rock cake has been added in-game, it will help you drain your hitpoints for DH Bombing! It can be found in the Pk Point shop for 500 PK Points. The great rock cake in action, beware! Other Updates! The skill tab has been changed to only display the skills that are currently working. Bug fixes & Minor Updates! - All Magic Shortbows now only use 50% of special attack. - AFK labels have been added to ::Staff interface. - ::CHAMP location has been moved and the custom multi-lines removed. - Serpentine Helms now have a +5 STR bonus instead of +3 STR. - ::repair command has been added that teleports you to the repair stand. - Potion drinking does not override your attack animation anymore. - Ava's Assembler now requires a defence level of 42 (polled from ::discord). Thanks! and as always, more to come!
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    dont ever pipe again dumb dog extra: tanked the tb on 5hp and venom killled him at home
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    Games boring, bridding isn't fun. Ban this shit from Brid its too OP you don't need it to Hybrid. Divine Spirit Shield Elysian Spirit Shield Why the fuck are these even allowed there ^^ Dragonfire shield ALL PvP armours (Vestas,Statius,Morrigans,Zuriels) Also Poll the Gmaul to be taken out again I'm sure you'd get mixed responses but its worth seeing. Add a Hybrid Elo System with a leader board (a proper one). @Gretar @Smackd @JBLIND tagging hybrids. @WAHEY @Tupac @Tesfxye @pkmafia8 @Ban152 @J[ag] [E] S[vensk] @Refunt @iles @Why Gg @seers10 @God Dildo @B a n k a i
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    Last tribrid tourney Nexus had a cc event and got everyone in the tournament. They were all spamming the lobby sure they were going to take it. Well apparently 12 people is not enough to win, if all of them suck. P.S. *A friend asked me to play on his acc, and yes, I know the pms are funny lmfao*.
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    Bailey Jay posted that himself in another discord, so it this your or him? you’re too good man
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    Yeah no I agree, 5 IQ way to die, just saying I died because I'm a dumb ass, not because they worked me lol.
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    Is there really no option to disable left-click attack for players? Should really be added along with the lever fixed. You might've got a tele in if there was such thing as you could have spammed instead of timing a right click for the lever.
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    That's called lever jamming you pussy it's how the game works #germanytackticks
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    King blue dragon is baxk #thomkey
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    career* OT: Nice vid
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    rsps flexing in 2019? lol you dont reach anything with YouTube dumb rsps youtubers thinking they'll make carreir LOL
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    btw what leon pmed u is not true i love u brother! he trynna make us beef
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    You should use a dfs that avernic defender got you killed for 50k homo LOL
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    Yh I don’t wanna see 360waves and madfor hybridding disagree with removing gmaul
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    people only started ags mauling in like 2014 lmao
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    adds random clip at the end so he can reach that 10min mark hehexd
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    - Most humorous - persona - Most Arab/foreign - jtir hunter - Shortest temper - nh tanks parents - Most helpful - fantastic cx - Best YouTuber - tesfxye - Best Hybrid - tesfxye - Best Tribrid - tesfxye - Best Pure Nher - lol - Best Dher - lol - Most Retarded - jblind/gretar - Fastest Switcher - riad1231 - Most underatted Pker - keytracker - Most Chilled player - fruitiest - Nicest player - fantastic cx - Biggest Duel Rat - gied - PVM'er - idk - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - nh tank - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - i dont go there - Biggest Whale - mr meowge - Bank-stander/switcher - tesfxye - Most Improved - jblind - Nerd - #personacord
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