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    Was walking around roat when I saw these staff members. They asked "Xex need HALP?" I didn't understand what it meant at first so I tried to walk away. They followed me. Oh god, the smell, it was awful. I walked all the way to varrock managing to lose a few of them, but 6 still remained. Literally unplayable game, @Gretar. I finally convinced what seemed to be their leader, the jacked man, in the middle that I didn't need any help, but they kept on rambling "NEED HALP? XEX NED HALP????" I literally almost puked, they kept drooling over the place and smelled like they had bathed in their own feces. You could literally see stink lines leaving their body like it happens in the cartoons. As this was happening they began to start posing and I assumed that what they wanted was for me to take a photo so I asked. "Do you guys want me to take a photo of you all and post it on the forums for the big staff to see and be proud of?" They all began grunting "ME WANT IMPRESs JBLIND JBLIND JBLIND!". So they all got out their best in slot weapons and began to pose again. I took the photo, promised to post it on the forums and left. I present, some of the best roatpk SS team. @JBLIND
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    *TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY* 1. Like the video 2. Subscribe to my channel (AND TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS!) 3. Use ::refer - vex7 - for a free mystery box! 4. Coment your IGN below
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    can we stop posting duel kp's and lunar kp's
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    Hello again! Here are the results from day 2. First thing i did was sell all of the loot yesterday in hopes of getting enough PKP to afford some upgrades, sold the vesta legs and some javelins and got myself enough to buy blowpipe, after which i did more gorillas and revs (i know, shocker). i continued doing gorillas untill i had enough to afford all the required upgrades to start doing other pvm content such as zulrah. (Void melee + range). Here is my updated Gorillas/Revs pvm kit after getting myself Void range+melee and blowpipe. Today my luck with the zenyte jewellery drops compared to yesterday was astronomically higher. yesterday i got 1 tormented bracelet in 135 kc. today i did 210 more kills and i got a grand total of...... 15! that's alot of zenyte jewellery. (Finland rng strikes again) I did manage to get myself a Rev drop somewhere in between of the gorilla grind -> (As you can see, today was heavily gorilla oriented grind, in hopes of that heavy ballista. getting that 45k boost to your bank value would open up so many upgrades for gear) After i had done 6hours of gorillas in a row, and having very bad luck at revs i decided to try out zulrah for the first time on this acc. and that, as you can assume went great. (Finland rng) Here is the kit i used for zulrah -> Current active playtime (taking away the time i spent afk on the account) comes to around 17hours of active play, and at the 17hour mark. our bank value is looking strong. This is only day 2 of the adventure, and aldready seeing such great results in terms of bank value, and feedback from you all really does motivate me to keep going. Thanks for being awesome yall
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    Yes I will add the clan chat ignore thing.
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    Hello everyone! due to many people telling me how making money seems impossible without hooks/gambling, i decided to make a fresh account with nothing on it. and see how much i could make in a week, and with this hopefully help others who are struggling with money making to learn a few pointers. I will have a few restrictions set on the account however. 1. No trading over from my main/friends 2. No Lottery/Staking/Gambling 3. I Can only use 2 vote bonuses in 24hours (updated) I Shall post The updates on my progress once a day. Hopefully this can help some of the newer players get into the game! After the week is done and i have my results, i'll make a guide based on this weeks events.
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    Jblind can help you go over the roatpkz rules disgusting rwter
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    I'm giving away 200k PKP to 4 WINNERS! To enter you must: Like the video Comment your IGN on the VIDEO Subscribe to my channel Turn my post notifications to 'on'
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    thats right you tell that dude in pms that bandos does the job heres me in bandos doing the job
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    You charge money for that tier of work? ouch.
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    lmfaoooo niggas died to #bearz tryna cover up by making a video on NEXUS, getting half of the clips in mult video soon randoms
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    ehh no learn to math rag bots death was 170k alone and his died multiple times to them and where just talking about ragbot not the rest i die like once a year u die like 3x a week....levels to this shit my boy dw u will catch up one day
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    spartans wont go past level 30 and bring elys every where they go now lmfao, heard stackin dead by ratlords yesterday yikes, also most of the kills are in multi and spartans sayings multi doesnt count yet donated over 2m to mongolians so does multi count or dosnt it? retards
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    gz khalil and death dream u 2 deserved it i believe. rest of u gl im watching u all
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