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    Roat Pkz Forum Update! Hey friends, I have now added a custom Roat Pkz Forum theme that matches our new website design, please tell me what you think and what we can improve with it. I've also updated our forums to the latest software and it has few neat things. The new Forum theme! Don't like the new theme? If you don't like the new theme you can toggle back to the old one on the bottom of the page. New GIF Support You can now add gifs to your topics & replies by using the 'GIF' button in the toolbar. (GIF API limit already reached lol, fixing it) There are a ton of more features in this update, you can read them all here (4.4.0). Thanks and more to come
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    50k pkp giveaway: subscribe,like,comment ur ign , good luck!
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    RoatPkz Video Competition! Rules: Video must be made specifically for this contest! (no old clips). Video must be at least 3 minutes long and shouldn't exceed 7 minutes. Video must be uploaded to YouTube (public) and link to https://roatpkz.com/ in description. Video must be PvP related - Hybrid - Deep Wild - Edge PKing - etc. Video will be judged based on clip quality + video quality. Rewards: 1st Place: $200 in donation credit via ::donate, + 100M OSRS GP. 2nd Place: $150 in donation credit via ::donate, + 50M OSRS GP. 3rd Place: $100 in donation credit via ::donate, + 30M OSRS GP. 4th Place: $50 in donation credit via ::donate, + 15M OSRS GP. 5th Place: $30 in donation credit via ::donate, + 10M OSRS GP. (if you win OSRS GP and don't want it, we can give you items from ::donate instead) Submissions: All videos must be submitted before or on 2. April 2019. Submissions must be sent to [email protected] (subject: Roat Pkz Video Competition, body: ign + youtube url). Videos will be judged by @Gretar. Good-luck to all participants, keep in mind this may be a solo video, duo, trio, team, etc.
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    Switch it back if you know what's good for ya fuckin blackery dos
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    @JBLIND dropped a few times #ez
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    welcome back, long time no see!
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    well i'm not getting any help on this issue, so thanks for nothing guys but I think i'm done with the server
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    refer code in description as well as Ely giveaway!
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    @Gretar pls change the rule slightly so that i may bless this server with funny vids related to roatpk
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    @Persona Scroll down and you can change it back mate
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    Hello Yuuki, Welcome back and enjoy your stay, Feel free to pm me for any help you want ingame ! Welcome back again !
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    whats with the tranny u have in ur picture
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    This kid must be bipolar LMAOO Funny af
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    @Kihfan55 @Team Selena Gomez How you trying to do this?
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    he set an email after he got hacked and all ur items were traded over to GENX8675309.
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    you've made more vids than you have subs
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    **ENU** just killed **Tesfxye** and ended his **30** Kill Streak!
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