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    Ramadan Mubarek too all my brothers No anglers and sara brews this month pls
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    BarkAtNigz Most Dominant Single & Multi Clan on Roatpkz Eternally up on every team. Never Caught Lacking. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once again BarkAtNigz play roatpkz expecting competition and find 0 of it.... Joined 5vs5 clan cup in hopes of close fights and strong competition however this wasn't the case. (solidtag / kanini / conquer / ratlords all joined tourny but got 1st/2nd rounded by random open cc's) (Video up soon) Thanks for trying you rats! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're looking to join in on the most dominant rsps clan private message any @gangmember rank on discord seen below. Public Discord: https://discord.gg/cp6jddm
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    Quick & simple, if your target Blacklists you, then it should automatically skip you as their target and they should lose a skip. Ight thats it pce
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    My good friend Moeaveli got himself trapped against roatpkz finest! Didn't end well for your boy remember who runs this rsps these are some other kills from today! just a warmup for our victory tomorrow.
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    Sweet hits brother. Also nice PKP stack. Maybe hook?
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    Chats so much shit over yell, maybe now he'll shut the fuck up. You're welcome. #getbobbied.
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    Owner Gretar - unban persona u goblin Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 21 Hours (+28 AFK)- still the goat Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 44 Hours (+68 Hours AFK)-nice work brother JBLIND - Playtime: 43 Hours (+14 Hours AFK)-best hybrid idc Player Moderator PK Guy - Playtime: 62 Hours (+30 Hours AFK)-cool Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 56 Hours (+24 Hours AFK)-still killing it bro Server Support(s) Jackthat12 - Playtime: 42 Hours (+88 Hours AFK)-tb slave Paramingo - Playtime: 164 Hours (+37 Hours AFK)-decent Sandal - Playtime: 58 Hours (+17 Hours AFK)-#bro King Arturia - Playtime: 127 Hours (+15 Hours AFK)-one of the best 4funplayer - Playtime: 101 Hours (+190 Hours AFK)-mmm idk Death Dream - Playtime: 25 Hours (+19 Hours AFK)-idk dont see him Kyle Zell - Playtime: 40 Hours (+70 Hours AFK)- ::duel PM2GETBODIED - Playtime: 45 Hours (+130 Hours AFK)-eh not bad A Pixel - Playtime: 63 Hours (+34 Hours AFK)-good stuff Mrss King - Playtime: 49 Hours (+59 Hours AFK)-idk Supremium - Playtime: 82 Hours (+184 Hours AFK)-idk Gied4life - Playtime: 89 Hours (+59 Hours AFK)-literally the king
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    spartans really want more of them as admins lol
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    @Ahmash This guy isn't a staff member but i put him also on cuz this guy is on of the best of Roatz its time that this guy get some respect, he always supported me helped my way through where i am now in the staff team, he also supporting the roatz discord and ingame even tho nobody noticed that he is buying not really popular items in their price to keep the trade post as much possible accurate. By this Thank you brother i love you. My suggestions for new Staff; @Macky This guy defo deserves a promotion been very helpfull and trying to learn everyday more about the game. Hours doesn't really matter you can have low amount of hours and put every hour helping Roatz, some of these people are busy irl with their job's or school so dont judge or their playtime to much.
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    5v5 tournament soon, we will see u then
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    Break his nose brother
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    Was so much skill in this I had to stop watching after the 5th ags gmaul on 120hp
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