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    The goal being to bring more noobs into pking environment like myself, the terrible K/D and rune should show other beginners this server is for all types of pkers.
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    Doing a give away so making sure to comment sub and like it
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    2 x 25k PKP winners - comment, like & sub Refer code in description
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    I don’t agree that you shouldn’t have to go into the wilderness to re-charge your cape however, I understand it can be quite annoying and tedious to do it all over again. Especially if you’re a whale and die all the time like @Tesfxye. Maybe we could make it so that you only have to kill the respective NPC to the cape that you have instead of all 3? So if you had an un-charged Sara cape you’d only need to kill the Sara boss to be able to re-charge the cape? @Gretar @Smackd
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    So, after many people told me to make a video out of the clips i had, here it is. special and massive thanks to my boy @WAHEY for helping me get started with recording and editing the video. Good man. P.S yes, i know. my laughs retarded.
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    To join the 160K giveaway (3 Winners!): 1. Subscribe to my channel! 2. Like the video! 3. Comment your IGN on my video! *I'll pick the winners in my next Roat PKZ video!*
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    Nice guide macky #mongolians
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    nice, invite me to next session!
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    a nice simple vid that shows more than just the kills, this is content i can relate to i enjoyed the vid and subbed i pk in a premade kit myself sometimes cos of the challenge of getting a kill with it, its all about timing tho like at 2:00 u cud of safed to around 70-75 then done veng + dds spec whilst taking ur body and legs off so his axe hits high on ur veng
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    Nice video, could be cool if this turned into a series of you gradually getting more and more gear from pking alone, and you gotta get your hands on some combo food man, krawambwans would be good but guthix rest's are a spawnable combo food, only +5 healing per sip but with 4 charges it can defiantly help tank specs or when you hit big on veng.
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    0:59, didn't know @Killbob was pking with you how cute
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    Isn’t such thing as “too” active though, since this is a PK server I think everything should have to go through the wilderness. However, I think it should be like OSRS though, after you collect the first 3 hearts you only need one heart for the respected cape everytime after.
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    The point is to constantly have people going back into the wilderness, so no.
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    nice matey!
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    Nice video, Keep posting the good work! Mrss King
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    nice as alwayss
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    nice one wahey
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    My good friend Moeaveli got himself trapped against roatpkz finest! Didn't end well for your boy remember who runs this rsps these are some other kills from today! just a warmup for our victory tomorrow.
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    This is just a friendly reminder that we've paid out 40,000 PKP this month to our YouTubers, the PKP will be automatically applied to your account. 5 YouTubers were paid and 9 YouTubers lost their rank due to no uploads (if you think yours was removed by mistake please PM me). We now have a total of 10 active YouTubers, if you think you have what it takes please apply here! People who got paid: Tesfxye, Absol505, Code, Knasterd, 88whipping People who lost rank: Elizathepat, marwan5555, rot rules, gl bro wins, imking82, the legendry, wr fgh, i undercofer, juicy 0range Thanks, Gretar
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