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    Past few days have been fairly active in the wilderness, which meant it was time for Spartans to take over as usual, here's some highlights. F1NALMACHT 360 wAvEs Random Slovak Random for max Hatcx (fat & dirty nutrider) Same Sea AKA "rly smokey" Bailey Jay aka Rat Gang Keytracker (clueless as fuck LOL) Some Rat Gang members finally built the courage to step above Edge Hills, so we had to remind them why they should stay there. Meeko Winners stay winning, Lions vs Gazelles
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    He told me to tell you to fuck off
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    Well are the admins gonna unban my account: Gym Life yes or no ? if its no i will not play just to let you guys know. i already got plenty of people quit. because look without me the server aint funny trust me. there will be all random players etc and new rats. but if i play all veteran players will be back. so its up to you guys.
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    once gretar adds me on disc i get them stop talking in street slang LOL you're a skinny 4head retard
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    Very nice killpics!! Whys adamzor want a tb on the first gif tho ?
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    nice video, mynamestaken is a really nice guy giving all those keys to you
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    welcome back, good stuff
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    Welcome back to Roat Pkz.
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    Damn u met Faze blaziken? Nice vid...
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    5v5 tournament soon, we will see u then
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    How to get a RWT Sell/Buy un-macban (only applies to first punishment) Multiple players get mac-banned for RWT Selling or buying on Roat Pkz weekly, many to deeply regret it only days later, we are now offering new options for those people that support the server as well. 1. Payment Plan - Pay a base price of 30M, then an extra 3M for every 10K you sold. Examples - You sold 50K = 30M + (5 x 3) = 45M OSRS - You sold 100K = 30M + (10 x 3) = 60M OSRS - You sold 200K = 30M + (20 x 3) = 90M OSRS - You sold 300K = 30M + (30 x 3) = 120M OSRS - You sold 500K = 30M + (50 x 3) = 180M OSRS - You sold 1M = 30M + (100 x 3) = 330M OSRS - You bought 50K = 30M + (5 x 3) = 22.5M OSRS - You bought 100K = 30M + (10 x 3) = 30M OSRS - You bought 200K = 30M + (20 x 3) = 45M OSRS - You bought 300K = 30M + (30 x 3) = 60M OSRS - You bought 500K = 30M + (50 x 3) = 90M OSRS - You bought 1M = 30M + (100 x 3) = 165M OSRS If you were caught RWT BUYING you can half the price, if you're caught buying 500K, you must pay 90M instead of the 180M. Please contact a staff member on the forums or on Roat Pkz Discord to see if you're qualified. 2. Wait out your ban - No longer an option, we do not tolerate any form of RWTing on Roat Pkz. Please Note: Not everyone is qualified for the Payment Plan, it only applies to people that have been caught RWTing once, the second time is a PERMANENT BAN. Your main account may still remain banned, please contact staff for more information. (the items on your account will most likely be wiped, ask with staff before) The gold will be used to supply for the daily tournaments.
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