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    Roat Pkz Updates! Hey friends, here are some updates that happened during April & May, some of these have been in-game for awhile know but I haven't made an update topic until now. We're working on some VERY exciting things as well! The new clan cup #2 will be announced soon as well. Huge Deadman Chest Event We now have yet another wilderness event! The Huge Deadman Chest event is ran 4 times per day and gives players a chance to double their PvP Key Rewards. Here's how it works. 1. The Huge Deadman Chest drops in a random location in the wilderness (80% single, 20% multi). 2. A 5 minute countdown begins and allows players to go to the chest. 3. Once the 5 minutes are over the chest opens up and starts pumping out keys & allows you to use it. When you use a key on the deadman chest you have a 50% chance of DOUBLING the normal reward, however using the chest is dangerous and could be deadly! What happens when you use a PvP Key on the chest? - You get Skulled. - You get teleblocked for 4 minutes. - You can not log out for 10 seconds. - You can not attack any other player for 30 seconds (prevents boxing). An example of a player using the chest Please try out the event and let me know what you think about it (you can see when it next starts in the quest tab). New Second Duel Screen We have greatly improved the secondary duel screen and finally made it useful, you can now easily double check if you're being scammed or not! We've seen a BIG reduction in duel scams since this update came in-game. New Pre-Made Bank for New Players! If you make a new account on Roat Pkz you will now get the option to get a Pre-Made bank! Thanks to @Smackd for organizing it! Here's an example of the bank (all spawnables). GWD Cave Added! The GWD Cave at level 28 wilderness has been added, it isn't really good for anything apart from escaping from other players in the wilderness! 1M OSRS Bonds in Tournaments! When you place in the OSRS GP tournaments in-game you now automatically get credited a XM OSRS bonds to your bank, you can collect them and then cash them all out, this makes the whole payout process a lot easier for the staff team. Special Attack Restore Timer Reduced! The Special Attack Restore timers have been reduced greatly, by over 300% for normal players. Here are the new/current special attack restore timers. Normal Players: 3 Minutes. Normal Donator: 2 Minutes. Super Donator: 90 Seconds. Extreme Donator: 45 Seconds. Other Updates! - Teleblock now vanishes for EVERYONE in the safe zone, not only Super Donators+. - 5K Risk Defence has been added (+ quickchat when risk defence is changed). - Duel Arena Spectate Window now automatically updates. - A Team has resigned - busy irl - he was a great Server Support! - Added 4 New Wilderness Key Locations! Bug Fixes! - Some updates have been made to reduce the amount of CW farming. - There is no longer a drop warning for food in the wilderness. - PvP Cashout option has been added to all (deg) PvP Items. - Bounty Hunter Targets can no longer be black listed. - Etherium Bracelet no longer disappears randomly in the rev caves. - An additional warning has been added when you try to sell something super cheap in the trading post. Thanks, and a lot more coming this summer, can't wait to show you next update!
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    Refer Code in description Sub, like & comment with your IGN to enter new giveaway Previous winners shown in description also
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    Decent updates but persona is still banned so overall a 4/10.
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    Just finished one of my first major goals on my ironman; I know some of you on here have one, too, so I figured I'd make a quick progress thread. 99 Fishing: 96 Cooking Banked (96-99 Fishing): General (gear, stats, QP): Cheers & good luck with your own accounts
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    to win 200k give away like comment and sub
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    we wont settle for this bullshit, when persona is still banned
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    Gmauls should just be worth a lot more
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    What the fuck is literally wrong with you, If you want 07 go play fucking 07, 60% fucking gmaul spec piss off you nanless genderless sack of shit.
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