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    No support. RoatPkz is supposed so resemble osrs. It would also require lots of labor for a feature not many would use.
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    Title, i feel a lack of rewards for extreme donator atm, and this would definitely help.
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    Attention seeker
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    Nice video!, keep the good work
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    nice work, love this video
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    99 Fletching took me a bit longer then other skills at around 22-24 hours its probably one of the easiest 99's to get as you dont need to be in the wilderness to get the best exp/hr which is magic long bows (this should be fixed imo) 209k Skp was the total loot from 90-99 Fletching, meaning the average from 1-99 fletch should be 250-300k skp Making it around 1.1k Pkp / hr got this like a week ago and was to lazy to post currently 90/99 craft which i hope to finish soon until next time
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    You seem very serious, relax you don't have to hate me this much okay?
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    if you think the combat on this game is fine somethings wrong with you, go hybrid and test it out for yourself. constant 120 stacks, splashing on melee armour, 0s on robes, 40s on tank, it makes no sense and it needs to be worked on. there should be a cap for wild keys tho
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    Noobs always going to stay noobz
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    Www.through experience I am aware that none of this will happen unless you pay Gretar a fortune and he most likely would scam you cause he don't randomly pick staff on his side unless they were his gipsy cousins so quit trying and let karma take care of it's thing, everything unfolds after all, nobody can stay hiding behind masks because it won't take them nowhere , so my advice to you is relax and never bother again making a post about it unless you want to waste your time.Com Mynameischef,
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    Jblind gonna fuckin abuse you whether you like it or not bruh... bmt
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    Prices vary item to item, but on average you're looking at 1 - 3k PKP per dollar, depending what product you select and how much of it (bulk purchase = lower unit price). Raw PKP tickets are lesser in quantity/value as other items for the same cost, but the trade-off is you don't need to waste time selling the items or relying on lucky boxes - you get immediate cash in hand to buy what you really desire in-game. Contrary to popular belief, a custom item isn't purchased for $1000 at all, it is a FREE gift when your total spend reaches that milestone from other items (doesn't need to be in one go). As an example: 11x extreme tickets + 1x regular ticket = $1000 + FREE custom = ~ 2500k PKP. That's almost 10x what you thought! The reason the stock and prices are carefully set at their current rates is because we don't want the server to be too much pay2win (you will notice most donation rewards are mystery boxes or consumable tickets to unlock something). It is also to keep the eco in check, since so many new PKP and items enter the market through this way. We do have seasonal sales on at times, these are usually announced on forums and Discord so keep an eye out for them if you're looking for discounts. And finally we also accept OSRS gold (current rate: $0.90/mil) which will save you paying taxes if your country charges GST/ VAT, and of course we're accepting the GP at an above-market value right now so that's a bonus too.
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    If people are in a clan that doesn't split and they are getting the most kills the people should leave the clan. There is already rewards for players on leader-boards.
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    So how many chromosomes do you actually have
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