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    as you should all know by now I am the best and I have some pks to share with you, can't record anymore so have these. smited the king arab for claws
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    I rwted over 2m+ over the past few years + ratted people and scammed over hunderds of retards I'm requesting a permanent ban on all my accounts mike/m4st3rk0/lost ags v1/mikebauwz. I also want you to delete my forum account bitch @Gretar how I rwted without getting caught? died in wildy for the money instead of staking it ciao, grow up and stop wasting your time playing these kind of games !! hahahahahahahahahah
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    gotta count your steps from running away so much! make sure you do your stretches first!
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    I have closed this clan with a fire max cape from jad and a granite maul.
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    Everyone hating is jealous, keep making them mad nice vid
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    Damn nice offer, but im gonna have to decline sorry
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    Edits are repetitive and the content is well below par
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