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    Purely Poggers. PogChamp. Amazing. 4Head.
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    Greetings, hope everyone’s day is well. I’d like to get straight into an issue I assumed was going to be fixed years ago, donation reward claims. I understand 80% of the donation system is automatic and usually instant but unfortunately it lacks in granting major milestones that are reached by multiple people daily. For instance, when I reached the $1000 milestone for donating it took multiple days, nearly a week to get my custom reward. Now I’m at the $1500 milestone and the same issue is occurring. It took you guys seconds to confirm and deduct those hundreds, now thousands of dollars from me. I feel almost disrespected in a sense that I’ve forked over so much money and have to wait in order to “celebrate” my milestone achievement when it’s convenient for the staff. I feel their is a huge disconnection between the development team and it’s donors. We are customers that help keep this server online and should be treated priority when donating hard earned money. I come home from work late every night, I work 6 days a week, 65 hours. I don’t have time to be sitting at my desk hoping the right staff member is on/“not busy” in order to get what I paid for.
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    Honestly. You need to actually donate for the “legendary” status itself. Not to mention upgrading from each level ( donor, sup donor, extreme donor legendary donor) doesn’t stack. A regular player whom is non donor can pay $170 for legendary and an extreme donor who’s potentially paid $170 assuming he’s bought donor, super then extreme could of payed the same price and still be an extreme donor. It’s not fair. Why should I have to pay over $350 to have legendary status when a new player could join today and pay about half the price and be a higher rank? No respect for the vets. @[email protected]@PK [email protected]
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    Gretar sucks ass imo
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    Ragging is bannable please read the RoatPKZ rules, if i hear about you ragging any players i will ban you.
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