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    Happy Halloween! Hello everyone! hope you all have a spooky halloween, I've added a nice halloween event in-game to celebrate. I will explain how it works below, hopefully it's not too spooky for you. Spooky Client Background When you launch your client during the holiday, you will see a super spooky client background made by the great @Fantastic! Spooky Death Monster To begin the 2019 Halloween event you must speak to the spooky guy at ::hween (he will also show up when you die in the wilderness ) The Death npc will direct you to kill the skeletons at ::graves! (Although graves is singles, the skeletons are non-aggressive, so it's possible to PK there) You receive Spooky Tokens from the skeletons (You also receive them from PvP kills, although in smaller amounts) You can then spend the Spooky Tokens on the Death npc at ::home Spooky Skeleton Boxes The main rewards from the Spooky Tokens are the Skeleton boxes, they come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium & BIG! The Big one is the best and includes a Limited Edition Halloween Pet (100K value - tradeable). The Big Skeleton Box Spinner! (5 - 100K) Skeleton Hellhound This event we're trying something different, from the Big Skeleton box you can receive a Skeleton Hellhound, the hellhound is tradeablea and has a value of 100,000 PKP. It is a 2019 Halloween event exclusive, therefore once the event is over, there won't be any more hellhounds entering the game. It can also metamorphosis into 3 colors (red, white & orange) Super Spooky Skeleton As an extra event, every 3 hours a Super Spooky Skeleton will spawn in a random location in the wilderness. The Skeleton itself will have 10,000 HP and drop around 200,000 Spooky Tokens in total. Keep an eye on that! Other Updates A slight delay has been added to ::spec when you use it directly after leaving the wilderness. Thanks and more to come
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    literally been here for 5 years or smth lolol :_P
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    @Fantastic the goat for all these new updates, too bad gretar takes most of the credit smh
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    @gretar my mans donated so much better give him his Sellout Veteran rank
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