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    >be me >wants to become SS, but cant because staff thinks im autistic >decide to go full tard >use vpn software that enables me to appear as if I live in a specific location that I don't on a virtual console >beginOperationSS.jpg >go to login screen of roat >think of login name. what would be the most tard name to pick? >i want to get ss... To Get SS... TGS, that's it! But what about another name to draw suspicion away? Something those arabs would never suspect... the Vpn is set to north america so I think of the most white name in existence... John? Billy? No, Kyle >input name, TGS Kyle. Name isn't taken, immediately logged in. >Steponecompleted.jpg >It's 2017, I make long post on forums about how I'm not going to play roat that much anymore because of college, everyone believes it >hhhhhh.jpg >Make forum post introducing myself to roat as TGS kyle, these suckers are eating it up. Yoobs, and Jblind welcomed me, extra points >abuse.jpg >Playing roat consistently, keep hearing about SS applications, I play it cool and act as if I don't care. >befriend all staff on roat >Steptwocompleted.jpg >chatting it up with the head honcho gretar. he asks me what TGS means >fuckingHeartRacing.jpg >quickly thinks of something > canthtinkstraight.jpg >looks at yell chat, players are flaming each other saying "gang gang, squad." >literal retards, but I must work with what I have. team, gang, squad > TGS = Team Gank Squad >send him message "It stands for Team Gank Squad" >mistyped gang, FUCKFUCKFUCK.JPG > HE LIKES IT. can't make this shit up > closeCall.jpg >play roat on and off for a while. no one suspects its me, not even admins >after playing for two years i see SS applications again. >I played consistently this month so they must've noticed me > send application >get accepted three days ago >XexIsBack.jpg pic related @Gretar @JBLIND @Fruitiest @Killbob @Yoobs @Same Sea @Tupac
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    worst his he asked me to yell that like 9-10 hours ago. took him this long to upload it lmao. and it doesn't make any sense, lmao
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    A new form of autism has been discovered.
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    sad ting, i was with ur sister yd - hella fine
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    Lmfao Omfggg out smarted the system
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    Bring back the old roatpkz champion @Gretar Plz
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    Check the droptable for 'Roat Pkz Monsters'. That's the droptable for the monster.
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