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    Roat Pkz Updates! Hello fellow Roat Pkz Players, today I have some exciting updates that we've been working hard on for the past months. We now have a fully working achievement system with great rewards! Achievements You can find all of the Achievement inside the quest tab. There you will see a list of your favourite achievements and you can also open the main achievement interface from there. Achievement Interface The achievement interface has everything in it, PvP, PvM, Skilling and Misc achievements. We have around 80 achievement categories, each holding an average of 12 achievements. You can scroll through the achievements using the arrows on the achievement interface. Big Thanks to @Fantastic for setting up all the rewards! Do my previous pvp/pvm kills count? No, every achievement (apart from Skilling levels/xp) starts from scratch, there are a few reasons for this. First of all we can't afford to dump 9 years of achievement rewards in-game in one day, that'd fuck up the eco a bit. Also this achievement system uses very advanced anti-farm features to make sure people don't cheat the system, we haven't had that before for normal kills. So everyone is starting from scratch! Trading Post Average Price The trading post will now show the average SELL price of an item for the past 30 days. This will give players a better idea of the real item price if the price estimate hasn't been changed. Other Updates: - Yell-tags are now in tradeable ticket form. Thanks for reading and a lot more in the works!
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