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    i always turn my 100k pkpt into 100m rsgp that's why i was banned, dont rwt kids.
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    New vid, first one on Roatz. KISS - Keep It SImple Stupid. Hope you enjoy, and if you got dropped in the vid,
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    Hi there, This brings back memories from the past, I used to smash private servers back in the day, in fact was a part of the staff team of a very successful private server years ago. I've recently begun to play runescape again but found myself just staking and definitely find enjoyment on private servers, this being the first one I've chosen and after day 2 the fact I've set up a forum account means I've found home. The names Brad, I'm 23 from Essex. In-game name is Im Brad. Love a good chat and most importantly PvP. See you all in-game
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