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    Hello gamers here are some pictures smash that like button for more ya dig Sorry for all the half screen pics these will be the last First of all huge shoutout to Stewy @Davey the Pk for keeping me nice and loaded and able to buy gear LEGEND! Don't have loot pic or full kp for this bc it was on gfs pc and it messed up but was roughly 20-30k Now here we have a special kind of retard "toaster struedolf" who called me out to fight after flaming on yell and flaming more before fighting. He died in 10 seconds LOL Look at the xp LOL another 80 Another 82-45 loool Goofball tried to pray but it was too late (^:P The king himself raja dead Killing this dumb fuck felt REAL GOOD since he has a big ass ego and flames everyone Poor fella didn't know the multi lines but then he called me out to 1v1 and died for even more (unluggy) Chicken man strikes again Gonna put this fuckwit on blast because the last time he actually killed me was the last pic but he died to a 38 whip lool ^ hardstuck roat pker hasn't come close to killing me since and gets bullied everytime we fight
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    lets compare our playtime, and lets nh stake. lets max hybrid risk, lets max nh, ill beat u in anything
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    Honestly I like the ideas but you've got too many people in lms dding whole fights, and it really just gets boring af to play. I think adding the boss for a ffa drop would be fun similar to corp, maybe work on a new minigame completely or rework lms somehow.
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    I took a break at 120 Killcount. Good luck everyone! Really curious to see what @nick whimster will pay for the first kodai!
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