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    So this weirdo named "Y" piped up and asked me to NH stake, shortly after getting bullied and loses he decides to make lies saying I got "brew drops" when 10 people were watching, also avoids to ask mods to check logs. Shortly after that he decides to rage stake and chuck his bank, which I took from him aswell. L0000l. Anyways Ty 1-0, hope to see you in wildy :p.
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    Road to Max Cape - PK VID 1 Hope to improve the quality, but I hope you enjoy, I certainly had fun making it (and losing the majority of my clips)! Any feedback welcome.
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    How about "RespondWithAGenuineRequestOrFuckOffYouLittleCunt"
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    @Xex Standard i like sucking the staff off in the toilets every night. @Fantastic Is my favourite because he always turns up in his Red Jordans.
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    This was the first thing that came to my mind
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    Did you find anything good on sexual improvement?
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    Guy's about to smash some roatz puss
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    you must've been mad when you posted this lol you're just venting
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    Surprised you're replying on your account and not Nicks.
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    yoobs n legends purre both smell funny rest irrelevant
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