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    So ? Why did you vid it when nobody cares over it?..
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    @Gretar @Smackd @Fantastic Good updates, glad to see divine finally removed. Now can we please get elys wiped and made significantly rarer? Maybe even consider wiping all of spectral/arcane/ely and making each sigil rarer. And also please make brews/sanfew/restores all cost pkp.
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    fam do this at like top north west corner of the map near gorillas and agility arena for singles, make it so every time u get a kill u get immunity for 1 minute and that u have to risk 5k, you can't get tbed in the zone but u can get tbed out of it, so either u deathmatch someone or u can get tbed if u leave without getting the immunity, put a 12 brew cap on it and dont allow ely or divines to be used
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    Roat Pkz Wilderness Clue Scrolls! Hello fellow players! Today I bring you an exciting update that has been in the works for the past weeks! Roat Pkz will now have Wilderness Clue Scrolls. We've built over 250 unique Clue Scroll tasks that are all wilderness based, with over 5 categories of scrolls. Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master! The rewards range from a few Pk Points to a few million (if you get lucky). Clue Scroll Types There are 5 different kind of Clue Scrolls. Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite and Master! How do I get them? 1. PvP - You can receive Clue Scrolls from Player Killing in the wilderness or in any PvP zone where players lose their items. The drop rates vary based on factors such as fight time, setups, location and more. 2. PvM - You can receive Clue Scrolls from killing monsters in-game. All monsters on the Drop Table (::droptable) and all Slayer Task related monsters drop them (even if you're not on a task). 3. Skilling - You can receive Clue Scrolls from Skilling. Any skill can reward you with a Clue Scroll, if you skill in the wilderness you're four times more likely to receive one. Clue Scroll Task Types Uri will give you many unique tasks that you need to complete! All of them are very fun but dangerous! I will list some examples below. Look and Dig Look for the place in the wilderness and bring a shovel! QNA Task Meet Mandrith outside the Resource Area and answer his burning question. Search for an Object Sometimes you have to find a certain object in the wilderness! These objects have a "search" option. Emote with Equipment Get skulled and geared up for these! Do a quick emote and you're done! Kill a monster with Equipment Get skulled and geared up to kill a certain monster in the wilderness. Coordinate Task Bring a shovel and find the location! ::dataon will help here! Hot & Cold Task Purchase a Strange Device from Uri and use it to find your dig location! Skilling Task Do a certain skill activity while wearing specific equipment. Casket Rewards Every time you complete a Clue Scroll, you will be rewarded with a casket, the casket is tradeable and can be sold to other players. It can also be opened for some great rewards! You can see some of them below! You can view those in-game with ::Clue-Rewards Easy Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 1,000 PKP - Total Steps: 2 - 4 Medium Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 2,500 PKP - Total Steps: 3 - 5 Hard Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 5,000 PKP - Total Steps: 4 - 6 Elite Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 10,000 PKP - Total Steps: 5 - 7 Master Clue Scroll Average Casket Reward: 25,000 PKP - Total Steps: 6 - 8 New Items In-Game from Clue Scrolls! There are many brand new items in-game that come from Clue Scrolls, I will list most of them below. 3rd Age Customs (Master) The 3rd age customs are without a doubt the most desirable clue scroll reward. Dragon Hunter Lance (Elite) The Dragon Hunter lance gives you an extra 20% accuracy and damage boost on dragons (works on revs) Sanguinesti Staff (Hard) The staff has a built in spell, pretty much a boosted Trident. Frozen & Volcanic Whips (Medium) Those whips have the same stats as Abyssal Whip and are useable in the duel arena. Cape of Skulls & Team Capes (Easy) You can get these cool capes from the Easy scroll, mostly cosmetic. Mimic Boss There's a 10%-ish chance of receiving the Mimic Casket from an Elite or a Master Clue Scroll. The Mimic boss has a 1/100 chance of dropping a 3rd Age Equipment item. Mini-Uri Pet There's a small chance you'll receive a Mini-Uri pet when you complete a Clue Scroll! Clue Box You can find the Clue Box in Uri's shop for 500 Pk Points, it's lost on death but will protect your Clue Scroll! Clue Scroll Achievements There are Clue Scroll Completion Achievements for every Clue Scroll type. Rewards range from 1 - 25 caskets. OTHER NON-CLUE UPDATES Rent Rigour & Augury Prayers You can now rent Rigour & Augury Prayers for 1 - 24 hours for a price. (::prayer) Host Last Man Standing Games You can now host Last Man Standing games by using an item on Lisa at ::LMS. Hide in-game broadcasts You can now hide in-game broadcasts by right clicking on them. Filter in-game flame You can now filter in-game flame/curse words in the Quest Tab Settings. You can manage your bad-words with ::edit-curse-list. It hides words from public, private, clan and yell chat. Dead clicks fixed Dead clicks mostly noticed in the Duel Arena and the Corporeal Beast Cave have been fixed. New YouTube channel commands! YouTubers can now much easier get a command that links to their channel! Not only does it link to the channel, but you can make the command link directly to your latest video! Enjoy it! A lot more in the works!
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    How to get a RWT Sell/Buy un-macban (only applies to first punishment) Multiple players get mac-banned for RWT Selling or buying on Roat Pkz weekly, many to deeply regret it only days later, we are now offering new options for those people that support the server as well. 1. Payment Plan - Pay a base price of 30M, then an extra 3M for every 10K you sold. Examples - You sold 50K = 30M + (5 x 3) = 45M OSRS - You sold 100K = 30M + (10 x 3) = 60M OSRS - You sold 200K = 30M + (20 x 3) = 90M OSRS - You sold 300K = 30M + (30 x 3) = 120M OSRS - You sold 500K = 30M + (50 x 3) = 180M OSRS - You sold 1M = 30M + (100 x 3) = 330M OSRS - You bought 50K = 30M + (5 x 3) = 22.5M OSRS - You bought 100K = 30M + (10 x 3) = 30M OSRS - You bought 200K = 30M + (20 x 3) = 45M OSRS - You bought 300K = 30M + (30 x 3) = 60M OSRS - You bought 500K = 30M + (50 x 3) = 90M OSRS - You bought 1M = 30M + (100 x 3) = 165M OSRS If you were caught RWT BUYING you can half the price, if you're caught buying 500K, you must pay 90M instead of the 180M. Please contact a staff member on the forums or on Roat Pkz Discord to see if you're qualified. 2. Wait out your ban - No longer an option, we do not tolerate any form of RWTing on Roat Pkz. Please Note: Not everyone is qualified for the Payment Plan, it only applies to people that have been caught RWTing once, the second time is a PERMANENT BAN. Your main account may still remain banned, please contact staff for more information. (the items on your account will most likely be wiped, ask with staff before) The gold will be used to supply for the daily tournaments.
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