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    Hello fellow members of the RoatPkz community. The members of the RoatPkz Staff Team would appreciate constructive criticism, preferably in-depth, as well as opinions on their contributions as a member of the staff team from the player's perspective. This will be a monthly announcement topic in order to stay up to date. Please ensure that you are being honest in your input, as this is to help the staff team provide better service and assistance to the members of the RoatPkz community. The current staff team list are listed below for convenience. Note: Playtime is from the last 30 days. Owner Gretar - Playtime: NaN Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 23 Hours (+68 AFK) Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 36 Hours (+115 Hours AFK) JBLIND - Playtime: 33 Hours (+44 Hours AFK) Player Moderator Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 29 Hours (+23 Hours AFK) A Pixel - Playtime: 50 Hours (+36 Hours AFK) PM2GETBODIED - Playtime: 125 Hours (+48 Hours AFK) Server Support(s) Supremium - Playtime: 7 Hours (+20 Hours AFK) Fruitiest - Playtime: 103 Hours (+31 Hours AFK) Goat - Playtime: 226 Hours (+106 Hours AFK) Karishma - Playtime: 34 Hours (+221 Hours AFK) Flage2 - Playtime: 2 Hours (+3 Hours AFK) Tom Riddle - Playtime: 154 Hours (+29 Hours AFK) Bind U Dead - Playtime: 55 Hours (+12 Hours AFK) Yamiha - Playtime: 62 Hours (+32 Hours AFK) A Team - Playtime: 226 Hours (+46 Hours AFK) TULRAK - Playtime: 229 Hours (+35 Hours AFK) ___ Promotions & demotions: PM2GETBODIED has been promoted to Moderator from Server Support. A Team has been promoted to Server Support from Regular player. - GIED4LIFE has been demoted from Moderator to Regular player. ___ Please note that all feedback should be honest and constructive criticism. All negative and inappropriate comments such as trolling, spam, or unnecessary flame, will be removed without hesitation. Suggestions for current staff members, and even suggestions for potentially new staff members are welcome, but must have valid, well explained reasons alongside the suggestion. ~ Roat Pkz Staff Team
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    Grats @pm2getbodied well deserved I see him being a good mod pick rwtermen @Gied4life Mods/Admins no complaints but host hpevent second floor rogues castle ty flage2 low hours heard he's been busy irl though and coming back @goat next mod @A team welcome back to the staff team 7bebe @Bind U Dead mans been good since repromoted always quick to help ppl @Tulrak was a good promo last month @YAMIHA no complaints @Supremium play more @tom riddle good game knowledge and sleeper ss pick, didnt rlly know who he was before ss and has done a gr8 job so far @Karishma log out
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    Congrats my bro @pm2getbodied Rest killing it as well
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    We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 50+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
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