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  1. In my time on roatpkz I have come to make many friends and honed my skills to become a demon of a pker compared to the no f keys noob that I used to be. With that being said it's been fun roatpkz I have pretty much been retired for a while now I just play for fun or doing a little team pking but I guess you could call this my Official Retirement from Rotez pjs. I know a lot of people think I have a big mouth but its all in good fun I really don't have hate for anyone on here the game wouldn't be what it is without all the Flame/Beef + most of the time I am just trying to push buttons for a reaction from you Regardless if you hate me or not I don't hate anyone from roat but I also don't have the energy for it anymore, consider any beef squashed if you have problems that on you Special shoutout to my brothers from #Neeks #NBK #Tribesmen #Flawless Love yall Now for my brothers let me know if I have forgotten anyone I will try my best to Tag everyone. @Stewy @King Arturia @PROFFESER19 @Smoothie @Littlewillis @Matt @Tupac @Forecaster @WAHEY @Killbob @Terzey @iles @God Dildo @nh tank @Tui @JBLIND @Smackd @Ban152 @Bailey Jay @CRIPPLEDNAN4 @j i z z i e @Po @A Tribute To Caboose @A Tribute To Mourinho @genj @Daul Penino @Obby Pls @Orbital Vsat @OrbitalV2 @Xex @Fruitiest @Bart @pkmafia8 @repent @I Dont Now @Aqeelxo @PK Guy @Gied4life @Sandal @Domo23 @911 airplane @Same Sea @Fantastic @zoldopee @Shado @IDLEGLANCE @instajoshi69 @Ya Mama @Mike @GORILLAS @Deviousness @Bind U Dead @Jamie @drawers @HICK0RY @Speedsmasher @erlars @insoyisgay @Suor @Nyzic @Kosey @Mikep @mikevanoers @Arcadium @Andrew @HASHAM V2 @Tengaboi @gl bro wins king @biggy a 2 @PuLL ThE PiN @Broccoli rob @Ditsy @am s1k ked @Jag E Svensk @JANKIN @wsqa1234 @Chop Salad @ml gudi @Zoradz @MR W00t 1000 @Estimated @TANK @Adam @Smoothie @Yoeriwada @Fantastic @Ban152 Well its been fun Enjoy the Killpics as this will be the last post since my account is shadow banned and I get dogshit rng and I refund most of the sets I pk LMAO as soon as rage started playing I knew he was ded This guy still cant brid King Raja sorry bro I was gonna refund you but you logged out ? Iyas smoked Gregstar Guy was flaming and died in 1 fight Setrum put in a spliff Monkey down 80 DDS LOL Mortem guy put in a spliff Ping made my gmaul just not work so went for zouble sorry Jordan x set was basically refunded anyway Ouch absolutely calculated this guy Refunded bc Khaya the bro Setrum put in a spliff again was rushinhg and this guy kept hitting me "Gear up" LOOOL Huge Voltitile into VLS (Combo I invented btw) GF rotez, sucks that I had to make so many killpic topics I would have loved to have been putting out banger videos but sadly my laptop is garbage
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