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    • zite

      I just had a dream that Chef became a server support after his 1000th application.
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    • Chef

      News: roatpkz is dead soon, gather your items and go back to your families under the safe roof.
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    • Clanvertise

      Donations history & goal progress for Clanvertise
      Username: Dm dicing / Affiliated clan: The Team / Total Donation Amount: 20,777 pkp
      Username: Purple plant / Affiliated clan: The kings cc / Total Donation Amount: 4.49k pkp
      250K Drop party when goals are reached.
      Clanvertise's Goal of 1M PKP current total: 25,267/1,000,000!
      Clanvertise's Total overall Donations: 25,267/1,000,000,000!
      Clan in the lead for donations: https://discord.gg/theteam
      Discord (copy & paste): CLANVERTISE#4299
      Email: [email protected] (I check email daily)
      Link to my post!: https://forum.roatpkz.com/index.php?/topic/31390-clanvertise-the-in-game-clan-advertiser/
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    • Fantastic

      50k dp for Korasi btw skull_emoji
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