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  1. Gretar

    Roatz - 150k give away

    ign: johny crazy
  2. Gretar

    Demonic Gorillas

    Wow! thats sick!
  3. Not feasable, what if someone just brings an iron sword or wind strike? Would pretty much have the same affect as boxing. The second idea is good I think, but allow for a more ticks than 5. Its not good idea, we would have ppl yelling all time 'bro come help me fast staff come fast key event someone boxing!!!!' all day.
  4. Hey friends, as many of you know the wilderness key has been in-game for quite some time. We've always had it so whenever the wildy key holder is attacking someone, that player won't be marked as 'under attack', that is to stop boxing. For example, if I am holding the wilderness key and boxing Jblind, anyone can attack Jblind because my attacks won't make him under attack. However, recently refunt & daul have outsmarted the system and started using it for double special attacks (similar to bh target pjing on osrs) Now I need you help friends, I need ideas on how to fix this, or what other system I could implement to stop it, or allow ppl to do it? The ideas I currently have to fix it: 1. If someone is already doing over X amount of damage (on average) on the key holder per tick, no one can PJ him? Here is an example of the crime in action
  5. Sounds loud and clear to me! Great tutorial Isaiah!
  6. why hater? lets see a jblind commentary vid! Nice vid
  7. Gretar


    damn!!! so close!
  8. Woah sick!
  9. Roat Pkz Updates! Hey friends, here's another one! A great update (as always) with a few new items and a few neat features people have been requesting, we're working on some exciting things as well! Scythe of Vitur The Scythe of Vitur has been added in-game! It's a very unique and a great weapon. The scythe can hit up to three enemies once in a 1x3 arc in front of the player. Each hit can also hit large creatures (a target that takes up two or more game squares) up to three times in the same attack. The first hit deals 100% damage, the second deals 50% and the third deals 25%. The Scythe of Vitur can be found in the Donator Point shop for 20,000 Donator Points or via Extreme Boxes. The Scythe in action! Magic Cape Spellbook Effect The Magic Skillcape can now be used to change your magic spellbook (Modern, Ancients & Lunar). You must have 25,000 Magic Damage in PvP to use the feature! You have 5 - 8 spellbook changes per day, based on your Donator Rank. Morrigans Javelin Morrigans Javelin have been added to the Revenant Monsters Drop Tables (::droptable). The estimated price on them is 100 Pk Points (ea). The Special Attack The Morrigan's javelin has a special attack, Phantom Strike, that consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy and applies a damage over time effect to the opponent after the special attack is performed. Every 3 ticks (1.8 seconds) after the special attack is performed, the opponent will take an additional 5 hitpoints of damage until the same damage dealt by the special attack has been delivered. The Special Attack in action! Morrigans Throwing Axes Morrigans Throwing Axes have been added to the Revenant Monsters Drop Tables (::droptable). The estimated price on them is 100 Pk Points (ea). The Special Attack The Morrigan's throwing axe has a special attack, Hamstring, that consumes 50% of the player's special attack energy and deals up to 120% of the user's max hit. Against players, it will also increase the rate in which the target's run energy is drained by sixfold. Dwarven rock cake The Dwarven rock cake has been added in-game, it will help you drain your hitpoints for DH Bombing! It can be found in the Pk Point shop for 500 PK Points. The great rock cake in action, beware! Other Updates! The skill tab has been changed to only display the skills that are currently working. Bug fixes & Minor Updates! - All Magic Shortbows now only use 50% of special attack. - AFK labels have been added to ::Staff interface. - ::CHAMP location has been moved and the custom multi-lines removed. - Serpentine Helms now have a +5 STR bonus instead of +3 STR. - ::repair command has been added that teleports you to the repair stand. - Potion drinking does not override your attack animation anymore. - Ava's Assembler now requires a defence level of 42 (polled from ::discord). Thanks! and as always, more to come!
  10. Gretar

    Wildy Looting Bag

    DONT remember saying it!, but sure can add it would be NICE!
  11. Gretar

    GWD Cave fix?

    good idea, what ladders need fixing?
  12. Gretar

    Deepwild brew cap?

    I think what @Smackd said is a good idea as it'd encourage people to bring risk and it allows everyone to pick the key up. If we had a 5K risk cap newer players would have a hard time participating.
  13. Gretar

    Last Man Standing

    Yes like @J[ag] [E] S[vensk] I think it would become dead content, unless we had maybe daily LMS tournaments, that would be fun!.
  14. Gretar

    Potential items to add In-game.

    Great list, looking forward to see feedback from everyone!