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  1. Players have been paid for their winnings, you will find them in your bank in OSRS GP tokens, staff pay those out at around 20:00 Server Time. Thanks to everyone for participating
  2. We are in need of some quality Server Supports! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 50+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. If you applied before and don't have an SS rank right now, feel free to re-apply APPLY HERE Application Format Be sure to post your application HERE, not in the comments!
  3. Happy Halloween! Hello everyone! hope you all have a spooky halloween, I've added a nice halloween event in-game to celebrate. I will explain how it works below, hopefully it's not too spooky for you. Spooky Client Background When you launch your client during the holiday, you will see a super spooky client background made by the great @Fantastic! Spooky Death Monster To begin the 2019 Halloween event you must speak to the spooky guy at ::hween (he will also show up when you die in the wilderness ) The Death npc will direct you to kill the skeletons at ::graves! (Although graves is singles, the skeletons are non-aggressive, so it's possible to PK there) You receive Spooky Tokens from the skeletons (You also receive them from PvP kills, although in smaller amounts) You can then spend the Spooky Tokens on the Death npc at ::home Spooky Skeleton Boxes The main rewards from the Spooky Tokens are the Skeleton boxes, they come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium & BIG! The Big one is the best and includes a Limited Edition Halloween Pet (100K value - tradeable). The Big Skeleton Box Spinner! (5 - 100K) Skeleton Hellhound This event we're trying something different, from the Big Skeleton box you can receive a Skeleton Hellhound, the hellhound is tradeablea and has a value of 100,000 PKP. It is a 2019 Halloween event exclusive, therefore once the event is over, there won't be any more hellhounds entering the game. It can also metamorphosis into 3 colors (red, white & orange) Super Spooky Skeleton As an extra event, every 3 hours a Super Spooky Skeleton will spawn in a random location in the wilderness. The Skeleton itself will have 10,000 HP and drop around 200,000 Spooky Tokens in total. Keep an eye on that! Other Updates A slight delay has been added to ::spec when you use it directly after leaving the wilderness. Thanks and more to come
  4. was automatically toggeld by cloudflare since someone was trynna flood forum & should've been fixed yesterday, still happening to u?
  5. This is just a friendly reminder that we've paid out a few YouTubers PKP for the past 2-3 months. Around 15 YouTubers were paid and around 15 people lost their YouTube rank due to inactivity, if you'd like to receive your rank back, please upload a Roat Pkz video and re-apply for the rank. Thanks, Gretar
  6. Hey everyone, sorry about the past 72 hours, unfortunately our donation system wasn't working. However we now have a new payment system that is A LOT better than our previous ones. Here are a few of the new features No weekly/monthly spending limits! If you have the money, you can spend it! No more 6-48 hour delays, all payments are fully processed within a few seconds, at most 5-10 mins (if manual fraud check is required). PayPal Credit Accepted (USA only). Can't afford to spend a lot at once? No worries, you can now use PayPal Credit and pay it off slowly with no interest if paid in full within 6 months. VAT is now automatically added on top of the displayed prices (EU only). No more surprises at checkout. The VAT is also added to your total (new orders only). You can check out the donation shop here! Thank you for your patience , Gretar
  7. Roat Pkz Video Competition WINNERS! Thanks to everyone for participating, here are the winners! To claim your winnings, please join our discord at http://discord.roatpkz.com/ and PM Gretar#0001 or PM me on the forums! 1. VPVP - $200 CREDIT + 200M OSRS (PAID) 2. 10 - $150 CREDIT + 100M OSRS (PAID) 3. PIRUUS - $100 CREDIT + 50M OSRS GP (PAID) 4. JBLIND - $50 CREDIT + 30M OSRS 5. HARD - $30 + 20M OSRS (PAID) Honorable mentions DAUL PENINO + DAMAGEDAHA NOAH (BLACKNANS) Thank you all for participating, hopefully we can do more of those soon!
  8. Roat Pkz Updates! Hello fellow Roat Pkz Players, today I have some exciting updates that we've been working hard on for the past weeks. We finally have a great min-game with some great rewards. Last Man Standing - ::LMS! Last Man Standing, commonly refered to as LMS, is a player-versus-player battle royale style minigame in which the player, along with 3-23 others, are transported onto an island where they must fight for survival, killing each other and looting any items they can to become the titular last man standing. The mini-game won't affect your KDR or ELO (apart from your LMS elo). LMS Game Modes Casual: A free to play mode that doesn't affect your LMS Rating (elo). Competitive: A mode that costs 250 PKP to enter, winner takes everything apart from the last 250 PKP the second place receives. This mode also counts towards your LMS Rating (elo). High Stakes: A mode that costs 5,000 PKP to enter, winner takes everything apart from the last 5,000 PKP the second place receives. This mode also counts towards your LMS Rating (elo). LMS Shop & Rewards (1 LMSP = 100 PKP) Every game (including Casual) of Last Man Standing rewards you with Last Man Standing Points! 1st place - 5 points | 2nd place - 4 points 3rd/4th place - 3 points | 5th-9th place - 2 points 10th-19th place - 1 point You also obtain a bonus point for killing three players in a game, or two if you kill five or more players. The Halos (100 LMS Points) There are 5 new halos in-game. They all have the same stats as the Halos from the Mini-Game shop. They are TRADEABLE and can be lost on death! Neitiznot faceguard (50 LMS Points) The Neitiznot faceguard is an upgraded version of the helm of Neitznot. It has better defence bonuses than the original helm and is the Best in slot strength bonus helm. The helm is tradeable as well and can be lost on death. Deadmans Armor (25 LMS Points a piece). The Deadmans armor is purely cosmetic and looks nice! Guthixian Icon (Staff of balance) (5 LMS Points) The Guthixian icon can be used on a Staff of the dead to create a Staff of balance. The Staff of Balance is pretty much a guthix version of Staff of dead (same stats). 100 Pk Points (1 LMS Point) Finally if you have nothing to spend your points on, or prefer to get straight pkp, you can cash out your points for 100 Pk Points each. Last Man Standing Setups Whenever a game of last man standing starts you get spawned into the map with a full set of armor. You can edit that setup through the chest at ::LMS! The pre-load interface (you can always restore to defaults in down-left corner). Last Man Standing Stats You can view your LMS statistics in-game through the LMS statue. ----------------------------------------- Daily OSRS Last Man Standing Tournaments! We will be running TWO OSRS Last Man Standing tournaments per day at 17:30 Server time and 21:30 Server time for 10M OSRS each (winner takes all). So 20M OSRS total per day! ----------------------------------------- Clan Cup Statues There are now custom Clan Cup statues for the previous clan cup winners at ::LMS. All future winners will get their custom statues up there! (including tomorrows clan cup winner). 1 BILLION LAST MAN STANDING PRIZE POOL! To start LMS with some HYPE, we're going to be giving away 1 billion OSRS gold to the players! First to win 10 Casual Games - 50M OSRS First to win 25 Casual Games - 100M OSRS First to win 10 High Stakes Games - 50M OSRS First to win 25 High Stakes Games - 100M OSRS First to win 10 Competitive Games - 50M OSRS First to win 25 Competitive Games - 100M OSRS First to win 50 Competitive Games - 150M OSRS First to win 100 Competitive Games - 200M OSRS Highest LMS ELO at the end of October - 200M OSRS You can keep track of the action on the hiscores here! The OSRS Payouts will happen once 100 competitive wins have been reached or end of october. Hiscores are updated within 2 minutes of log out. Please Note: Any teaming in LMS is against the rules and you will not be paid out. DD/Hugging Pathing! DD/Hugging pathing has been greatly improved upon and should be identical to OSRS. You will no longer freeze under each other or in places where you can't reach each other, you also only have 1 tick to attack your opponent if he's "hugging" or "dding" you. Thanks for reading and a lot more in the works!
  9. The end time has been extended until Sunday - 22. September 2019! be sure to send them to [email protected]!
  10. Roat Pkz Clan Cup #4 The fourth Roat Pkz Clan Cup will be 3v3 Single Fights. That means 3 members per clan and you're never fighting more than 1 clan at a time (hence 3v3). The Clan Cup will have a bracket based system (example of bracket system) and each round will have up to 3 fights, first clan to win 2 battles goes through the next round. After every round clan members can re-stock and prepare for the next fight. The Clan Cup will also be live streamed on YouTube with hosts that are knowledgeable with tribridding & clan fights and will be commentating over the fights. Rewards 1. 600M OSRS + In-Game Statue 2. 250M OSRS 3. 100M OSRS 4. 50M OSRS Tournament Date Sunday 29. September - 19:00 Server Time | Full Tournament (Server Time is GMT) Tournament Location Every clan will be teleported into their own Wilderness instance, each clan will start where the red dots are and the fog will slowly force players in the middle where the green dot is. No NPC's will be available. The Rules 1. You must follow the Roat Pkz Official Rules (No DDOSing). 2. There can only be one entry per person (computer). ITEM CAPS - Max 1 Infernal Cape per team. - Max 1 Ancestral Set per team. - Max 10 Saradomin Brews per player. Divine & Elysian Spirit Shield & Pre-EOC PvP items will not be allowed (Vesta, Zuriel Statius & Morrigans). FAQ How do I enter the tournament? You can sign your clan up at ::clancup in-game 1 week before the tournament. Will items be supplied like Tournaments? No, we will not supply items for this tournament , you will have to use your own items to participate. (If you need help making money as a clan please contact Jordan#3961 on Discord) Will I lose items in the tournament? No, you will not lose any items you bring to the tournament, they will all be kept on death. I have a clan with more than 5 people can I still enter? Sure you can, but there can only be a max of 5 people per clan entry, so if you have a huge clan you'll have to split up into groups, there is no guarantee that you will not face each other. Will Rigour & Augury Prayers be disabled? No, Rigour & Augury prayers will work for those that have them unlocked How will you make sure that people don't cheat? Since the tournament will be automatic the server will make sure that the rounds can not start unless everyone is following all item cap rules. I am moving a clan over from a new server/osrs, how do I start on Roat? Every clan is welcome to Roat Pkz and we would be happy to help you out, please message Jordan#3961 on Discord and he will help get you started & give you tips & answers to all of your questions. Can staff members see my IP? No, Roat Pkz Staff members (Admins & Mods) can not see your IP addresses or mac. Any other questions? Please post any other questions you have below.
  11. Update your client (close it and open it again), then you can see the noted version of the blade!
  12. Roat Pkz Updates! Hey friends, here's another one! A great update (as always) with a few new items and a few neat features people have been requesting, we're working on some exciting things as well! Blade of Saeldor The Blade of Saeldor is a slash weapon obtained from the Bounty Hunter shop for 15,000 BH Points, requiring level 75 Attack to wield. It provides the highest strength and slash bonus out of any weapon for its attack speed, surpassing the abyssal tentacle as the best slash weapon. It is tied for the strongest one-handed melee weapon in the game with the Ghrazi rapier. It requires no crystals to use on Roat Pkz. 3rd Age Druidic Robes The new 3rd age druidic robes have been added in-game, you can find them in the vote shop for 75 Vote Points each. They all require a Prayer level of 65 to wear. (The 3rd age plateskirt has also been added). New 3rd age items in the vote shop Tormented bracelet (or) The new tormented ornament kit has been added in-game. You can use it on a tormented bracelet to create the ornamented version. You can find the kit in the Bounty Hunter shop for 2000 BH Points. Climbing Boots (g) The new Climbing Boots (g) have been added in-game, they can be found in the Donator Shop for 25 Donator Points. Spiked manacles The new Spiked manacles have been added in-game. It has the best-in-slot strength bonus for footwear that has no requirements to equip, they can be found in the Pk Shop for 200 PKP. Discord Nitro Exclusive Giveaways If you use Discord and support our Discord Server with Discord Nitro Boost you can enter our Discord Nitro Exclusive giveaways. We run 2 of them per day and we give away 2.5 - 30K PKP per giveaway. The Discord Bot in action (fully automatic) - #bot-giveaway-nitro chat! Join our discord here! Twitch Rank (Streamer) We now have a Streamer rank in-game for people that live-stream on Twitch or YouTube, if you do, please apply for the rank here. How the Streamer rank looks in-game! Other Updates! - All weapons with the 'Slash' option can now slash webs. - The Donator Dungeon now starts at level 31 wilderness. - You can now shoot through the Donator Dungeon entrances. - Rune Pouch now supports multi-runes (such as Lava rune). - Duel Arena 'Use Last Rules' is now toggled when the previous rules are used. - Total XP has been added to the ::hiscores. - Random Events have been added to PVMing. Thanks! and as always, more to come!
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