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  1. Securing an account has nothing to do with making money (also it's a chatbox notify when creating an account so its unneccesary). ..Wait. Did you just say ::donate and not ::sythe? 🤔
  2. I've been browsing around for a while and couldn't really find a concrete quick starter guide on/from Roatpkz. There are some money making guides but they are not necessarily based on players that just started out or made a new account. So here it is: The ultimate quick starter guide! How to make money on your first day on Roatpkz!
  3. If you hate acdc you basically don't have a broad taste for music in my opinion 🎼
  4. What do you guys think? I'm so glad it actually feels like old classic rock, what a banger. So hyped for the album.
  5. It absolutely would. Would really have to think it out how you're going to do that on a pk-server since you wouldn't be able to really loot from players you PK (too easy to trade stuff among players). But if done well, yeah very cool!
  6. You're insane. But you know that.
  7. I had to read it like three times before I understood what you ment but it looks like a more creative way of the bounty hunter drops you had on RuneScape back in the days. And not just with killing targets, but all killing all players and pvm/skill activities. It's not very detailed yet but it would be good if you have higher chance of getting an item when killing, skilling or pvming deep wildy, higher tier skilling in general etc. Maybe weekend bonus? Erm yeah, I like it. I don't really see this happening anytime soon though, but in the future; yeah why not. I think RoatPkz could experiment more in general. Why not poll such ideas? And if it's polled positive they could also reverse such updates if they happen not to be a success.
  8. yeah, it's a regular account but I'm playing it as an ironman
  9. So what exactly are you trying to say here? 😆
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