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  1. News: roatpkz is dead soon, gather your items and go back to your families under the safe roof.

  2. Guides contest 🤔

  3. Impulse 500, Swab -0 And In Debt To Us. We're The Banks, Bank Makers, Roat Rules, Wildy Owners, Thank's For Everything, :D

  4. Hello, How are you doing today?

  5. Stay great fam.

    Blessed, Thank god!

  6. People will always find ways to insult your methods so fuck them and keep doing what works well for you

  7. Long or short cold showers are v important and healthy to your peacefulness , soul and mental health. Abracadabra🌠💫🙃🌟🌈☄️😘💚🍒💕🥳🆒🍏🔮

  8. Bitch I'm bored and need my Veteran rank Asap.

  9. Why my left arm pit doesn't smell like the right one? There's no smell at all, weird flex but ok

  10. Tryna keep the forums alive so just follow up my niqqaz!

  11. Sike, comment here if your not gay.

  12. When can I get my veteran rank on forums? sir


    Stay tuned in. Brb

  14. Join clan Chef!

  15. Saying the Truth will make you lose lots of friends and connections, But will put the Real players in your Path.

    Stay G'D Up!

  16. Stake / Gamble Customs, Pm Me In-Game!

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