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  1. 1 minute ago, zeplin99 said:

    going in fourms every morning / night befor i sleep is also 24/7 for you oh ok nig ;( sad moments well gl on getting unbanned nd crying to jblind nd smackd for unban null

    Its not a lucky situation what do you know?, Its just protecting dignity and self rights if you ever thought of that.

  2. 1 minute ago, zeplin99 said:

    im banned? well you can ask over my ingame Name "slave l0c" im actually not banned im caring on life unlike you trying to get someone unbanned LOL oh does roatz Money Count as irl Money? ok i start painting then and Count osscape Money then as irl Money moit then we all get g0d moneys

    gretar won't unban someone when a nobody says it. Point out end nig accept it hes banned

    Thanks for proving your point, you are defending the staff teams on the wrong thread, I'm just giving my feedback in the right section.

  3. 1 minute ago, zeplin99 said:

    gretar loves me defintly more then you ;( i get a pms back when i pm him you dont sad... mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn sad moments pls dont cry me a river dont Need it thanks!

    You are really childish for this attitude trying to earn gretars love by force, don't cry yourself one when he kicks you out of the forums or lose interest in you.

  4. 3 minutes ago, zeplin99 said:

    actually i got unbanned way back by smackd without asking so don't know what you think i would suck dick to get unbanned im in most rsps's banned for flamming and im not asking for unban? good jk l0000000000l

    You seem very proud of your guilt of making fun and disrespecting the roatpkz owner.



  5. 6 minutes ago, zeplin99 said:

    you guys cry over bying banned in a game and you say the admins are childish? do i get it right?

    Nobody is crying here unless this is your position if so you could've see it in a different vision,

    This person have rights and dignity and he is not accepting the idea of anyone is stepping on them, thanks for your concern and now go stick your nose where it belongs.

  6. I don't understand why staff is not taking his seriousness in consideration.. Sly is trying to prove his point that he learned from his mistakes and he got wiser I assume you do know what does that mean , it means that he regret allowing any other human being in his account and it wont happen again so I am guessing this is the staffs point to see forward in actions, allow me to bail out this honest person before he gets abused.

    Free sly"



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  7. 16 hours ago, Umut said:

    Type of project (Signature/Banner/Logo): sig

    * Size by pixels (Not required) :

    * Main text : Umut

    * Subtext :

    * Specific Colors : blue - white

    * Font with the link (Not required) :

    * Photo / Render / Background (Link) 

    * Transparent background (Yes/No) : no

    * Anything else on your mind : surprise me nigga throw some effects :P

    @Umut Hope you like it!

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