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  1. 4 minutes ago, JBLIND said:

    Because his topics and comments he posts are of great humour or of supreme intellegiance whereas you contribute to the forums with fucking retarded ass shit you jealous mongrel 

    Oh now it sounds reasonable I didn't think there were a chance of capability to do that, I am not jealous that's simple is just because I don't follow his content, you should've guessed better Mr. Angry Bird.

  2. 15 hours ago, zeplin99 said:

    i hate you cause of your personality thats something else end of this now stop quoting me.


    Shut up lol I quote whoever I want and haters gonna hate afterall , you know karma she’s a whore.

  3. 1 hour ago, Gretar said:

    Some New Ideas! (Post below what you think of these & your ideas)
    - Allow everyone to attack the current key holder, so he would always be in "multi"? (similar to HP events) Multi zone should be spotted on the side where you are not able to run and must be in somewhere near level 15 on wilderness and depends on accuracy of the key value() before the holder gets to reach the edge gets attacked by multiple players who contract half way of the real value.(example the holder has crossed 6 tiers that will make the key worth 60k PKP and the attacker must have 30k PKP of worth to remain attacking the key holder.
    - Allow anyone with over 1K PKP risk to attack the key holder, even if he's in combat vs other players. Instead of 1k PKP worth switch it for 10k PKP to match the key value since the key is 10k PKP only, that will turn every opponent on the key holder and each time he gets killed the PJer will must have 20k PKP of worth to match the key holder and on.
    - Disable running for the key holder, would make the event longer and more challenging. Disable running on a specific level on wilderness perhaps let them run half or 3rd the current deep status.
    - Should players be skulled when they pick up the key? Of course let the risks be very clear as such an impressive event and the pressure will raise each time key holder gets killed the attack must allow when the opponent matches the key value outside the multi zone.



    solved by Chef.

     Here's my opinion to make it hella fun and scary at the same time therefore the real professional PKers will be exposed in the middle of fire and a title must've been earned which will be the next update.

    PS: Youtubers should be all over the event therefore will be able to run a big competition during the forums!

    New rank suggested; [Professional Ideal]

    Best regards


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  4. 21 minutes ago, zeplin99 said:

    ever heard going away with a big boom? guess you didnt .

    i have enough friends i don't mind if i get enemies the best People are the ones who get hated thats why everyone hated eminem now hes the best :) simple logic.

    Now you finally confess something true which justifies our previous moments including all the hate you and the others have showed to me, obviously that you are jealouse of something that’s why you’re trying to drag me down with you is cause of frustration.

  5. 14 minutes ago, Fantastic said:

    Are you asking for in-game account registration date? If so, there's no way for you to check it. 

    You can check your Forum account registration date though, by going to your profile.

    No i think i was clear when i said profile which is way more properly to fit in the forums.

    10 minutes ago, PK Guy said:

    Would be cool to add Han and have him tell the age of acc, but of course he will have "forgotten" when the veterans joined due to amnesia (a few too many knocks to the head). Chef is 2013 kid, I 'member!

    That is sweet, I am on hold waiting for information so if you have any please leave it in a comment.

  6. I dunno about his smell it could be some twit smelling like melting tires.

    11 minutes ago, twitt said:

    tell me the part where he can fix the fact he smells like a chicken tikka masla after showering all day the dirty taliban cunt


  7. 5 minutes ago, Tupac said:

    How much of a fucking loser do you have to be to actually make this song holy shit I'm genuinely dumbfounded lmfao

    I didn't like him either but I am not sure if he is a total loser because this guy is probably a successful rapper in other opinions and clearly being a wealthy teeth fucker plus flexing high on top is not dumb at all my friend.

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