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  1. Vos is the best place for you to finally have your own designed item for as much familiar as you ever could imagine plus the great effort he provides during the short time will atleast pleasure you for a while so if anyone could step on the stage better do and make him busy to keep the talent in a smooth shape meanwhile he share the happiness with you.


    PS—> Must read before contacting with the designer, and I assure you the charges are listed by fair.

  2. Xex, most importantly that you believe yourself no matter what and make sure to leave them hoes wondering with an empty stomach they are just bored and busy looking for dope to play with, clearly they have mistook you for a toy. Blindeaf Succer Footballsack Team

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Lineup said:

    Nice google quote.

    But better English than usually.
    Good shit lad, leveling up!

    It’s just another person quote which I didn’t write by myself so it’s a perfect Fit able grade for roatpkz history. Wash your brains already for your self interest kids..

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