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  1. Your name says it all LOL! nigga my work better than y'alls _|_
  2. LOL boy go back to trying to suck your own balls.. And about how the "gfx" is made doesnt matter, what matters is the idea and how it looks like, its not a compitition we're in its a game and we should have fun so back the fuck up before u make this bitch bigger.
  3. Bro you barely have any skills, you dont know what i did on Photoshop, whatever you saying bout the monsters i did something to them, 1 render was looking oldschool i made it look new to match the colors, so you dont know whatever happened behind the scenes of work, and you keep judging my work, nigga i make business cards irl for money i aint waitin for a nigga like u to judge me, i dedicate this to you :
  4. One of the shittiest edits i've seen on here. but nice you can pk
  5. this is something i made in 10 minutes or less
  6. LOL r u retarded? its not only a font if u look closely, and its basic for a fkin signature obviously. its not like im gonna put animation and glowing 3D texts for a sig Yea thanks you too na nigga if u wanna buy i'll make u one if u dont like it dont take it
  7. You sound like a fag for a comment like this, also childish Actually same
  8. Could be good too There were players with over 100 killstreak and had only red skull
  9. Graphic Design Shop I make good designs, I take $ / IG money In order to order something, you have to use this form to inform me how you would want it to be like Is the Background Transparent? (Yes/No) : Background link (optional) : Main Text : Sub Text : Main Text Color(s) : Sub Text Color(s) : Design type (Signature / Ad / Banner / Clan Chat / etc...) : Mind watermark? (Yes/No) : Am I Willing to Pay? : Would you like it to look (Aggressive / Simple / Rocking / Hurts the Eyes / Sad / Happy / Freedom / etc... ) : We will Discuss the price in-game/forums in a Private Chat. Note : This Topic doesnt have to be filled up with stuff just to make it look cool so people can buy my Graphic Designs.
  10. I'm looking forward to make a RoatPKZ RSMV anytime as soon as I have the crew ready. 4 interested Players needed (Must know how to wear outfits that matches the song) (If interested asf and don kno how to wear outfits imma make u an outfit) Comment below which song I should use ; (Suggests accepted) 1. Rihanna - Man Down 2. Brennan Savage - Look at me now 3. Ice Cube - Check yo self 4. 50 Cent - In da Club 5. Metallica - Nothing else matters
  11. White > Pink > Pinker > Pinkest > Red > Dark Red I'm going to suggest something new maybe? A Black Skull on 100 kill streak Imagine something like this above your head in game I made this but if you can make a better one you should, but i suggest this to be added. Sincerely ; me ni**a
  12. uhm, who r u? u better not be here retarded forums' font* ?
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