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  1. If u like some of this designs work just pm me for some work feed backs are welcome
  2. FEEDBACKS are welcome pm me for some design work. IGN:FLIXYDESIGN.
  3. thx bud ahahahah just go to ma other topic and see ma design u will like it i sell designs uknow making costumes designs for poeples for paypal or osrscash but thx for you feed back thx
  4. pm for some work -designs - A own character -Banners flixy is a weird beast that I designed for our mascot for our design team, all reactions are welcome if there are some improvements can come to the design or to the character itself we would like to hear and that we can change it in the future .
  5. thx for the react but that character and that letters are all hand maded the background was just for a fast preview.but thx
  6. A design from Flixy's. for love guys leave some feedbacks. With the workers of vosgfx,flixydesigner.
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