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  1. wish u guys brought this energy to the clan cup
  2. nobody who fought us dced or experienced any issues with lag?
  3. 4 of our 5 members got their sets themselves and the 1 who didnt got hooked it from another member? quit crying you rat
  4. ah we up doe enjoy ur edgevillage kills i guess, leave the wilderness to us, REAL MEN.
  5. damn nice edge kills, enjoy i guess this is why spartans is and will always be a joke. tell that nigga ban to get his mom off the floor
  6. That same lad died to DJ twice as far as i am aware
  7. Dum-azz bank dat gear ur capped to myztic retard
  8. Everytime i spec high my gmaul is 0 or my opponent tabs on spec meanwhile i have half an invy left cus everyone suckzzz King l e e owndzz 2-0 dum-azz
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