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  1. imagine asking for when we meet i give loc then Comes this?
  2. time to neck myself when a whale is a cc owner.
  3. bullcrap tbh you Highlight everything in the vid lmfao who tf Edits for you a fking frog?
  4. leggo extradamage s7 to janowitzbrücke leggo i throw you down the water rofl see if you can swim @Extradamage dont fking avoid you Keep asking for loc here leggo thusday 12:00 i be there around i see you!
  5. vid is nice but i woulndt choose aggresive dupstep for a vid.. the Music has 2many Drops in it..
  6. stop talking you cringe fuck you got your shit spawned by gretar
  7. your account was 2h ago pvming @revs what you mean.-.
  8. i will be honest with you. lets say we do this: what are you doing when the Clans merge into one means you got 2 Clans on you ? what are you gonna do : RIGHT you gonna die like you would vs the 40 people end result: this doesn't make any sense since this Server is osrs realted gretar will not do it.
  9. selling brain stuck whale nigga spamming LOLOLOL in 2019 wheres your brain? dont Forget that 99b Planks like 50% of time at riskzone to arturia when they risk LOL @Lotusgarden i didn't Forget dw you wouldn't even have donor if you did go for tournament nd got free max LOL you are defintion of a freaking nerd tbh did you lick the ass clean after?
  10. i be honest with you ratgang is trash 99b would plank like 24/7 to a Newcomer lmfao i dont know how he has max everytime and daul you're littary a whale in defintion lmfao you plank half the time in risk fights vs randoms so stop speaking.
  11. genx your clan wouldnt even have max if gretar didnt supply you the shit so stop talking. @genx8675309 fking weird whale i know that you Kids got supplyed around 500k+ per account.
  12. defintly supporting this Singles are kinda dead..
  13. pained paste irl feelsbad nigga acting like hes a Gangster l0l
  14. decent he may be future of roatz bridding tbh hes doing not 24/7 ags gmaul he just Needs a Little work on Switches since they seem to be slow at some Points.
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