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  1. Interessting! i managed to build back around 50k in a week from absolute 0
  2. While randomly checking items to spawn, i noticed this? Whats that for @gretar
  3. Nah I missed that one I guess loool
  4. I just love when that happens!
  5. I don't think it would conflict with slayer as mentioned above they only drop pkp. However I also see no strong need for a looting bag as you are fine with 1 inventory at most Wildy bosses. Nevertheless +1. Could be useful for some people
  6. Nice my first thread that totally derailed into a flamefest loool Achievement unlocked
  7. its not about the time you need to repair or the clickintensivity, its just the fact thats its annoying to always remember to click on them and you can easily forget that step while preparing for the next fight
  8. Exactly lol. Its nothing game breaking but it would be a nice little feature which would avoid these situations lol
  9. Heya everyone, so i noticed everytime i die with void, and reload my set, my (broken) void obviously wont be loaded. Can we have a toggleable command or a setting to autorepair void when you died? Would be nice.
  10. like a phoenix from the ashes, he shall return
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