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  1. Nah man. If you undo the blurry stuff on the items it's easy to write a Script to detect the item and click the right one. However the genie whole pvming really sucks. This needs to be changed
  2. 1Day2Die

    i am shocked

    oh i just realised its from @Fantastic actually. Making it even better Actually whats the name of the original? I love that beat and rhytm
  3. 1Day2Die

    i am shocked

    this literally deserves an unban lol 10/10 appeal
  4. More good money than afk. I just listed a few. Kek
  5. i disagree. I had more occurences with people just rushing in and fucking everyone over. Using Riskdefence is actually pretty smart and a good idea to do. Thanks guys
  6. Ye fishing is really similar to WC when it cones to afking. It's pretty good money aswell. Other skills for good mlney and afking is cooking, crafting, thieving and fletch
  7. guys by the time now you couldve made another topic about csgo skins and USD....please stay on topic?
  8. but smelting only will not give you any skillpoints :l
  9. not gonna lie, this was pretty fucking cringe
  10. Indeed, a few more minigames or minigame rewards that make the current ones worth playing would be such a nice update
  11. Ye sorry for the confusion. You get SkillPoints for actually smithing stuff, but you have to smelt all the bars yourself beforehand and you do not get skillpoints for that, which takes even more time than the actual smithing
  12. Hello Everyone, this is making me suicidal. Can you spot the Difference? No? Me neither. Please for the love of god, add Bars instead of ores to the Smithing Shop. Smelting the Ores to Bars dosent even give you Skilling Points. Its absolutely worhtless doing all that work just to finally be able to smith your own very mtihril Dagger from scratch. Ive pked for the last 3 Years on the server and been skilling for the past month since the release, but some Skills really need a re-work. Just like smithing. Now let me proceed to mention our Lord and Savior @Gretar
  13. This is some next Level scientific bullshit lol
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