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  1. Kill your parents for raising you.
  2. you didnt get a single correct f3 in this video, gz your officially the biggest retard to post a pking video since @GENX BABY posted that video of him using ahk
  3. tbfh ill add another 100k to the pot if im not occupied at the time. best of luck everyone
  4. Cringe topic, V2 reduced you to multi pkers real quick.
  5. @smackd found your twin
  6. Ex- duel rat jRAT laughs at a feeling he misses
  7. what the fuck is this, please kill your editor.
  8. Heh


    you onlyn eed to vote on three sites
  9. nice video, theres a special place in hell for bottom switchers like you but until then keep up the content!
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