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  1. Heh

    New Video!

    you make 20k~ish more if you do it at magics, and it takes alot less. nice video tho.
  2. @Fantastic @Spooky
  3. yes one complaint, more video pls.
  4. nice fideo, sad to see my big boi merching clips didnt make it
  5. Ayone can help me buy boxes but not buy them 4 days ago trying to :: recoup and :: claim but nothing is mailed. Pay a lot because you have - € 200 plus 3 items, but there are no items in the game ... Why! ?? Need some stuff back for all the guys !!!!
  6. dont see why not. +1 Sure, could be added to ::mb minigame or Pkp shop +1 Wasn't aware this is a bug, should be fixed +1 Yeh it needs some sort of buff, seems lacking. +1 Not sure how this would be coded but a nice Qol change +1 Confused at what you are asking. As it stands Revs is the single best money maker in game apart from long term Jad/skotizio and Zulrah with Tbow. should either be nerfed, or other pvm methods should be made more viable +1 We could make it so Donater + Can compete in the inferno, higher donater rank = higher wave you start on. Should require some sort of "sacrifice" i.e cost per attempt. The cape obtained from it cant be sold for votes. Dont see why not, would make a pretty big difference for long term skilling +1 Would stop rushing +1 Expanding the room would be nice, but gretar already said he had no intentions of doing that. How about we replace The vennanatis/ Chaos ely spawn area with one that Randomly spawns another boss i.e kbd,chaos fanatic, scorpia,callisto ect and with some sort of option to pay pkp in order to force it to spawn a boss of your choosing. Decent overall suggestions. Nice work
  7. Mb, just thought you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself With what ever the fuck this video is, switches slower then my nan.
  8. what in the fuck is this? remove it immediately
  9. good video! keep it up
  10. Heh


    how did u get this bad what the fuck
  11. not as good as me but decent
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