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  1. 99 Woodcutting took me around the same time as mining. (19-20 Hrs) I did it to 61 in safezone then bought a Dragon axe and did Resource area Yews + Magic (when i had the level) If you use the lumberjack outfit it should only take you 18 hours. As you can see i made alot from 99 woodcutting, probably more then any other skill. after doing some calculations Magics are about 7k Pkp a Hour and very afkable. The total comes out to 3 Beaver pets and 1580k Skp **Recently the Noted Brews at resource area was patched making it alot easier for pkers to kill you, i suggest using a seccond account placed right outside to scout for any incoming pkers so you can log off and wait for them to leave** Feeling Tired of Skilling, Unsure if i will do another 99 soon, if i do its probably Fletching/Smithing Until Next time.
  2. Who is this and what have you done to smackd.
  3. 99 mining only took me around 20 hours. The total loot from 99 mining is pretty low compared to other skills but only because i did the most exp efficient method (30-99 coal) The total would be alot bigger if i did mithril,adamant and runite when i hit the levels to mine them, but it would have taken alot longer aswell. i made 457k skp from 1 - 99 mining. Unsure what i will be doing next, probably Woodcutting. Until next time.
  4. nice video! look forward to the next one
  5. not even gonna lie, expected a dog shit video but its not half bad.
  6. welcome to roat pkz. and to any duel rat asking for ::hooks just take a look at this fine gentleman and how much he made pvming
  7. 1. Spec tele timer support, cba with people like @seers10 Ags + Gmauling me 5 secs into a fight and then teleling away with a ? 2. Support, this is supposed to be a hybrid zone and should be kept as such. 3. Why is this even a thing? 4. we already have a elo system, adding another would just be confusing and uneeded 5. No, there are already lots of tournaments that pay out both pkp and osrsgp, along with big events like the 5v5 pvp tournaments and skilling competition. gretar cant be expected to reward you with osrs gp for every single thing. 6. in the end i have no idea how it is coded but it is a valid point. seems like the coding is a bit off when people in spawnables can hit consistently on your tank. removal of pvp armours and vls seems like a good idea, people still have a wide variety of areas so use them. 6. ballista is one of the most expensive pvp weapons, and i feel its accuracy is good for its market price. while it may not be as good in osrs it is also relatively cheaper *600k gp* 7. remove overhead prayers from brid zone. this isnt ::hills or ::pvp. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  8. good video, but 2:00 is an embarrassment to all hybrids.
  9. 99 agility only took me 24 hours, which is 20% longer then thieving. This is how much skp i made from 92-99 agility. i had made about 540k from 1-92 agility, bringing up the total to 1045k Skp First pet. Will be going for 99 mining. until next time.
  10. idk somthing i bought from a garage sale 2 years ago.
  11. maybe replacing some of the tourneys with one of these? shouldent be a standalone mini game tho. some sort of event then yh.
  12. agility is a average of 560k ~ exp a hour.
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