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  1. You do a pretty good job with the music you put in your videos, it goes pretty well with your clips
  2. Last few videos have been better than the key opening one, keep it up, enjoying them
  3. Every other server that exists now and has ever existed allows pvming on unlimited # of accounts and it doesn't cause problems for anyone, I seriously doubt this is the one except and that it'll cause problems here. You're just dull.
  4. You literally said "yeah I love getting bolted by 10 people at once" you retard. and even if it was made so you could pvm on 2 accounts but not 3+ it would be a significant improvement,
  5. Every single other server that exists lets you pvm on multiple accounts, why? Because it's worth it. So much of the pvm content on Roat isn't at all worth doing, but it would be if you could do it on 2 accounts. Limiting it to two accounts would even be a major improvement. @Persona @Tupac at no point did I say anything about using multiple accounts in PVP so idk why you retards brought it up.
  6. The lack of knowledge you had regarding keys considering you were making a video on them was pretty ridiculous. Put in more effort. These types of videos take no time to make. I get that it's a private server but what's the point of doing something if it's going to be mediocre.
  7. As of right now, you can only PVM on one account at a time. If you log into two accounts and try to pm on both of them at the same time it will not let you attack on one of them. This was done to combat bots. This is, without a doubt, a very lazy anti-bot measure that has a negative impact on gameplay. Players should be able to pvm on more than one account at a time if they have the motivation to do so. If there is a concern about people botting on multiple accounts at the same time, add an actual anti-bot measure such as having to answer a question randomly whilst pvming. There's no reason to restrict players to one account.
  8. The way you organize your bank triggers me.
  9. If it's not much why would you quit? Also pretty sure I saw you lose it. Anyway, just rebuild? Do tier 10s or something.
  10. Excellent guide, the images really need to be fixed though as it makes the guide look very messy.
  11. @Gretar I applied under the appropriate forum section (still pending approval by a moderator).
  12. Part of my motivation for this was making a guide that would be easy for my clan to use as they transition over to the server.
  13. Na this only took about 15 minutes, was doing stuff irl.
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