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  1. nope staked got up to 250k n then got hacked by "tiny Killer" he got banned lmao but tier 10? wym
  2. So got hacked for over 250k this morning n ofc not much was done about it but anyways.. Idk if i should just quit or try n rebuild but i been trying all day and i swear its like i go nowhere.. no drops no nothing, any ideas on how to rebuild? quick and easy ways to make money? Leave ideas down below if you can!
  3. Well When I pmed Smackd he literally said My acc traded "tiny Killer" all my pkp and items, first of all who even is that.. but that most definitely is not me
  4. IGN: blue box Hey, so recently there has been a few times where things have been pulled out of my bank but because i didnt have much money it was only like maybe 2-3k max and I didnt think anything of it because i thought i lost it by dying or staking or something. But last night I got my bank up to over 200k, 223k to be exactly and items such x2 claws x2 ags, abyssal dagger, serp helm, ect. I logged in today and EVERYTHING was gone. I pmed Smackd ing and asked him, he said everything was traded to "tiny Killer" i have no idea who that is but im going to assume he hacked me, smackd said I cant get anything back cause i had no email set but I was literally setting my email last night and was waiting on an email to verify n didnt get one but it was late so i went to bed. Anyways, I have donated over $500 on Roat Pkz and find it extremely unfair and crazy how I cant get MY items and pkp back. I have screen shots last night of my bank before i staked which was at 114k but I staked and got it up to 220ish k, I will attach screenshots of the 114k before i staked and made the other 100k atleast so you can see that, I will also show the $500 donated.. which is A LOT OF MONEY. Please let me know what we can do about this, I would really apperciate my items n pkps back since it was so much. Thank you again!
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