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  1. How I figured out these numbers was by taking the price of a item/ by the drop rate of the given item for all items on a bosses drop table. For instance for zulrah I did: 10k (Pc of Tanzanite mutagen)/768 (drop rate of mutagen)= 13.02 (on average how much this drop will contribute to the $ per kill) 10k (magma mutagen)/768= 13.02 5k (bp)/256=19.53 5k (magic fang)/256=19.53 3k (serp)/256=19.53=11.72 200 (average number of d darts)/12=16.67 500 (fury)/10=50 75 (average number of pkp)/3= 37.5 62.5 (average pc of a drop of anti vemoms)/2= 31.25 43.5 ( average pc of a zulrah scale drop)/1=43.5 13.02+13.02+19.53+19.53+11.72+16.67+50+37.5+31.25+43.5= 255.79 (average $ per kill from zulrah) Jad- *1/150 *** 3033 skotizo- *1/750 *** 3122 corp- *1/150 ** 644.14 rev dragon- 257.71 zulrah- *1/1500 ** 255.79 chaos ely- *1/1500 ** 135.67 demonic gorilla- 128.87 kbd- *1/1500 ** 79.42 bearded gorilla- 77.64 roat pkz monsters- 71.08 kraken- *1/1500 ** 61.01 battle mages- 16.82 * means that this monster has a pet drop and the displayed dr is the drop rate of the boss ** means that spawn time should be considered when figuring out what's the best $ per hour *** means that this boss is a world event and takes a extremely long time to spawn **** means that this monster is in the wildy side notes 1- these are averages and sometimes u will get lucky while other times you will get shafted. 2- I used all of the displayed prices and some of these may be inaccurate. 3- some of the 1/1 drops you cant sell to shops and rarely sell 2 players I INCLUDED these in the $ per kill. 4- you can get increased drop rate from donating or voting in which case you will get more then the displayed $ per kill I would appreciate any feedback that you have and any idea for future guides you may want to be done.