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  1. Come now all here ye here ye! new Rune sack video is out now! we pked bank and had a great time! and you can come try to win a free ags! its very simple to enter and not many people will enter so why not collect a free ags :D! ALL SUPPORT IS APPRECIATED! THANKS For watching everyone enjoy! also... i know my audio is an issue, its an ongoing battle. i have a great mic but my recording software is scuffed and wont accept the beauty idk why. will be workin on it and improving hopefully with every video. add me ingame to chat any time: Rune Sack RoatPkz BankBuilder EP 2 WE MADE A LOT
  2. dont worry man people sometimes hate what they cant create. keep goin hard buddy
  3. thank you all for the positive feed back! I will not disappoint! the audio should be much better next video i made some investments! stay tuned and add me in game to chat with me easily
  4. thank you much @1 slap more to come:D
  5. thank you @Emulous MORE TO COME with giveaway in next vid i gotta build up a bank! add me in game @ rune sack
  6. Went absolutely hard. lookin forward to getting to know some of you in the community. add me in game @Rune Sack much love
  7. I'm very excited to start this series! I'm new to the server and so far it is a lot of fun. I want to help grow this community thru some quality content so I will attempt to do just that. Please give my video a watch I put some good time and effort into it. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance. Add me in game. @Rune Sack
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