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  1. Which server support should be demoted and why is it OaQ? Seriously I've been playing since this game came out and haven't been muted for calling someone a dirty buck tooth nigger, but this guy comes along after scamming half the community on yell and gets promoted? Now every time I even fart the word nigger, he mutes me for ten fucking minutes. No, 10 minutes muted isn't bad, it's the fact that a pencil dick, flat foot, queef faggot has any amount of power over me. Garrix is just as bad, he's literally OaQ alt. Only difference is I never see Garrix on. OaQ is on 17 hours a fucking day. As I type this, he's probably at lvl 2 edge no skulling in 10m worth of gear or merching some kids on yell. I cannot wrap my head around someone who does ANYTHING for 17 hours a day, every day. But this fucker plays Roatz? Red flag alert to any aspiring psychogists out there, if your patient plays Roatz for 17 hours a day, you're wasting your time. I don't fucking know the requirements to become a server support but for argumentative purpose, let's say you have to donate 5k. This fucker donated 5k so that he could mute people for saying the N word. He doesn't even do his job outside of that, I've seen 3AT FOR ALL spam yell drunk for an hour and he wouldn't mute him. Luckily Yiyo hoped on and sent his ass go the shadow realm. That being said, 3AT shares my hatred of OaQ for more valid reasons I'm sure. I would literally promote BrodyRS to admin before I gave OaQ an SS position. Fuck you. -Spongetits
  2. nice make me mod, i dont want to be server support because baz is server support. ign spongetits bandos aint max set but yw
  3. So does this mean we lose all our shit
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