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  1. nice video, was fun at tourney wish we could do it again
  2. Chris


    why is xbrzh flaming on mr topic i just wanted to say mr lol. who is suk my pp go away from my topic random lol i dont know u and this my topic so yh pce ahmash hes not indian lol
  3. doesen't matter i don't care if people know it, i just want 2 use paint alot init
  4. arun, it's time to realise that ur just a troll like ahmash that talks shit lol... stop trying ur dying for dfses left n right LOL
  5. LMFAO PANIC2HARD ok reason 2 not keep replying:()
  6. i don't want u 2 killurself over a game, how am i playing if im macbanned tho
  7. how am i playing then funny boy :D, shut up ur actually irrelevant lol
  8. `lol u got 1 clip of me dcing ok lol idm ur a 2015 hybrid + i don't think u getting a dc kill is more than me getting 20+ tele clips but u 1 kill pic lol ur a mess, + i lag so much it's funny
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