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  1. Have you ever killed someone outside of Duel Arena :s?
  2. i want a omar pet pls Why GG
  3. dat was incredible, send to SparcMacLive and Chris Archie ok
  4. p.s i also love dat runecrafting, dat farming and slayer, too much nmz but nyce acc doe
  5. Can you make SOTD Autocast Zammy Flames Pl0x
  6. It's funny though, bc I've seen you at easts attempting to rag people in the past, just bc you weren't good at it doesn't mean you never did it
  7. Damn you guys really get excited when killing Omar. Wheres my boi Pyd @ tho.
  8. He still live streams on accounts with hidden names.
  9. He added me, and also gave me 10m.
  10. Thats it, calling Stijn again. Don't log pls. <3
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