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  1. Lineup

    Potential items to add In-game.

    Epic and cool cosmetic items bro!
  2. Lineup

    Roatpkz must change!

    I don't. Your lack of basic grammar, sentence-structuring and logical thinking makes becoming staff a bit of a journey. One you might never finish. Best of luck.
  3. Lineup

    Healthy Tip

    Nice google quote. But better English than usually. Good shit lad, leveling up!
  4. Lineup

    Ez Suggestion

    I'm against this. It doesn't make much sense and that one looks like shit tbh.
  5. Wtf, is this even English? Actual brainlag. Didn't read.
  6. Much needed addition to the server! Great stuff looks amazing!
  7. Lineup

    Knasterd Banner ®

    Great work lad!
  8. Lineup


    Salamanders for ss!
  9. Lineup

    buff dmace

  10. Solid pking, but those tunes tho lad.
  11. Lineup

    Grand Exchange

    Dont think the GE would do much but clear out the yell chat, Although i do think the Trading post is a great idea, especially when it's a pking server Support!
  12. Lineup

    Update Suggestions

    I agree. Getting that Scythe into the game would be very cool!
  13. Lineup

    New SS outfit

    @Fantastic Hmm.