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  1. Didn't read, I'm too busy stomping your inbred mother's grave.
  2. Definitely one of the cleanest edits ive seen. keep up the amazing work, can't wait to see more of this!
  3. Lineup


    Cool song chef, but id rather get the electric chair than watch that again.
  4. Song choice is . But really clean video tho!
  5. Lineup

    Doink meemees

    Dank shit brother. Meme page loc.
  6. Great update! I was personally waiting for some more donater advantages.
  7. Don't mind the blackjack implementation. Rest seems a bit scuffed.
  8. It's only at peak times that there is a shortage of trees. And if you feel like the XP rates are too slow, maybe you should look into Wildy skilling.
  9. This seems a little unnecessary, although i'm sure that anyone playing on a 4k screen would love this setting. This being said, i don't think there is more than maybe a couple of players actively using a 4k screen to play RoatPkz. So it probably wouldn't be worth the time coding.
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